Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Pump and Run Competition

I got an email from friend (super fast guy Robin) last week.  He was throwing down the gaunlet.

I want to lay down a challenge to anyone interested. I will be training for a pump and run competition that will let everyone know who is the strongest AND fastest athlete in Hattiesburg.
All competitors will bench press 70%(males)/50% (females) of their body weight as many times as possible. For each rep. completed the competitor will be able to deduct 20 seconds off of the 5k time that is run 5 minutes after the final press has been completed. After the run we will tally the overall time and have a winner.

I did a dry run with my teams and was amazed at some of the results. I did 20 reps of 120 lbs and ran 18:40 for the 5k. My overall time after the deduction was 12 minutes. A girl on my team did 40 reps of 55 lbs and ran 22:40 for 5k. After the deduction she ended up with 9 minutes 20 seconds. So, I found out that I need to work on both my 5k and bench to be able to beat a 110 pound girl.

I plan on doing this about 10 weeks from now in May. Let me know if you are up to the challenge.


I love this stuff. Doing some initial testing - if you want to win this you had better be sub-7.


Big Daddy Diesel said...

We have the same thing, its an actual race, and its your full body weight on the bench press, I have never done it.

Matty O said...

The Arnold Classic is hosting the Pump and Run in Columbus, Ohio this year. I thought about doing it but being around 200lbs I don't care how fast I am there is no way I can beat the lighter people. I don't know that I feel that this actually displays who is the strongest and fastest but it would be fun to attempt regardless! This is one way to get the runners to do some weight training huh?!

Jon Gilchrist said...

that is wildly awesome...damn!

KC (my 140 point 6 mile journey) said...

oh man, i wish i live in hattiesburg. i want to do the competition! that sounds fun.

Tim said...

We have something similar in cincinnati. It is called the flying pig pump and run. You have to bench 80% and run your selected race. I'll be doing the half marathon. Any training tip ideas?