Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Routines ...

Although I enjoyed visiting my sister and her family I was ready to get back into my routine. I am a creature of habit. I also gained a bit of weight while I was away. Even though my sister and family eat a very good diet I was still out of my element.

At my sister's, very little comes out of a box and she is actually eating a gluten free diet. However, there are many grazers in the household. This does not work well for me. I have to have my portions controlled. While I was boxing up dishes or moving furniture I would pass through the kitchen and grab a hand full of almonds. Nothing is wrong with that unless you do it several times a day. The calories quickly add up!

So once I was back home I weighed 7 pounds more than when I left. I realize that the weight will come off but it is disheartening. So back to the routine it is.

I woke up early and jumped on the bike trainer. I dialed in the workout from the week before and started to churn out the miles. It was hard. I did not complete the workout. I had told myself that these next few weeks would be very bike intensive. Well, I 86'ed the first workout.

At lunch I did a good tempo run on the treadmill. An easy 1 mile warm up and then 3 miles at 6:30 pace followed by a 1 mile cool down. This run was not super difficult but my heart rate climbed a little higher than I wanted it to climb. After the run a did a couple of sets of chin ups.

With 70.3 New Orleans less than a month away it will be difficult to get into my racing shape. I think the swim and run will be where I want them but the bike is another story. I have to really rack up the miles the next few weeks.

I just wish the weather would participate a little better. The low 40's in the morning are too cold for me!


KC (my 140 point 6 mile journey) said...

glad to read that you are back on track. i'm so much a creature of habit too. i don't travel well, hate being away from home base for too long. like you said, the eating is so hard, even if you try your very best, it's never the same as if you were in your normal setting/routine. you need to visit my blog...specifically the post from this past saturday.

Jon Gilchrist said...

I feel like an absolute hermit because I am not spending any time with friends right now. I've got 5 weeks til Ironman Texas 70.3 and there is just no time for friends or fam right now. So, I feel you about needing to be back in your "spot" to get it on. I'm willing to bet you'll rock out come race day.