Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Recovery after a hard weekend.

On Monday my legs were shot! I took the morning off- It was planned. I really did not sleep in I just did not jump on the trainer. Lunchtime would be in the pool.

The pool was a little crowded – not much but Chad and I had to share a lane. I am fortunate that I rarely have to share lanes. There just are not than many swimmers at lunch. So Chad and I decided to swim in a circular fashion.

We played a game where I would start first and he would be right behind me. Now I am not a blaze in the pool but I am a little faster than Chad. The game was that we would stop the set whenever I caught him. I was not sure how many laps this would take.

The game forced me to pick up the pace. I was swimming at a good effort but my stroke count increased. I tried to keep the strokes at 17 while maintaining speed. I was able to catch him after 7 laps (6 laps for Chad). We played this game 3 times.

After this game I did some 100 yard repeats – fast. The first two were great and I was coming in about 5 seconds faster than normal. I think I can chalk some of that time to the fast paced ‘warm-up.’ But after that the times fell back into the usual range. The swim felt strong.

The Fitness Assessment results were posted. I was pleased with the results except for that dang agility test. Among all men I ranked 2nd in flexibility, 3rd in sit-ups, 4th in pushups and 20th in the shuffle run. Overall I was 5th. Richard was ranked 10th and Vic was ranked 15th. We had a good showing.

Due to the taper the STADIUMS have been cancelled for this week.


Big Daddy Diesel said...

Enjoy the recovery and congrats on the Fitness Assessment