Wednesday, April 28, 2010

TIPS: Where do you wear your timing chip?

At my last race I noticed the timing chips on people’s ankles. I remember the first time that someone handed me one of these straps. I was not sure what to do with the thing. Where do you put it? Oh, on your ankle. Well, which ankle? It doesn’t matter.

It might be a minor consideration but it does matter where you put the timing strap. If you look around there is no consensus. I was looking at pictures of the pros on this site (not in English) to see if the pros had a preference. Nope - the pros don’t do it uniformly.

Andreas Raelert (GER) – RIGHT

Chris McCormack (AUS) – LEFT

Dirk Bockel (LUX) – RIGHT

Pete Jacobs (AUS) – LEFT

Andy Potts (USA) – LEFT

Terenzo Bozzone (NZL) – RIGHT

Maik Twelsiek (ALE) – RIGHT

Mathias Hecht (SUI) – RIGHT

Eneko Llanos (ESP) – RIGHT

Luke McKenzie (AUS) - LEFT

Does it just not matter? Well, it matters to me. There is a very remote chance but the sprocket, the crank arm or even the chain can pull the timing chip from your ankle. And even if these rotating parts of the bicycle drivetrain do not remove the strap from your leg the rubbing would definitely be distracting. I had a timing strip strap that did not fit just right and the end of the Velcro was not held down. This little tab would brush the drivetrain on every rotation. Nothing bad happened but I was ‘worried’ about it the entire ride.

When I checked out the photographs of the pros I was certain that they would all have their chips on their left ankles. I was surprised to see that there is no rhyme or reason.

But, I always wear mine on the left.


Jon said...

I wear mine on the left as well for the same reasons that you described above. I want to take NO chances on the strap coming loose and hitting anything on the drivetrain. I also use more than enough bodyglide on my ankle before I put on the strap.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I use to just toss mine on, but you have a great valid point that I am going to use from now on.

Jenna said...

I am a lefty for that reason too!

Joe said...

I think it may be based on what side of the road you drive a car on in the country you learned. Most of your Aussie and UK atheletes appear to be lefties and the others are righties.

bryan said...

I'm a righty! Only because I have a tattoo on my left ankle and I want everyone to think that I'm a super hip cool dude!

Actually, I've never really thought about it. But you raise an interesting question.