Friday, May 28, 2010

PUMP AND RUN - Go time!

The pump and run is TODAY. This challenge has gotten me back in the weight room for the last 10 weeks – wow it has been that long. I have not been overdoing but I have been making a true effort. I have been lifting the 70% of my body weight one day a week – to complete failure for multiple sets. The other bench day I would lift closer to 90% of my body weight - two plates. These sets were not always to failure but they were demanding. One day a couple of weeks ago I even tried to see what my maximum lift might be – it was not pretty – about 205 lbs. I thought I was a bit stronger than that.  I have noticed that I have a lot of endurance when lifting.  If you give me 90 seconds recovery my lifts don't drop of as much as others.  Now actual strength - that is another matter.

This competition has also made me very aware of my weight – I have been diligent – I feel like a prize fighter having to meet weight.

The competition rules are as follows:


This event will start with a weigh-in at the field house. Participants will bench press a percentage of their body weight as many consecutive times as possible. Time deductions will be awarded for each repetition completed.

The 5k run will take place 10 minutes after the last lifter has completed their lifts. 5K times will be recorded and bench press time deductions will be calculated. Overall finishing time will be calculated and winners will be awarded.

Female participants will lift 50% of their body weight and Male participants 70%.

Time Deductions per Repetition
Male/Female 39 and under               20 seconds
Male/Female 40-59                      25 seconds
Clydesdales (200lbs) /Athena (145lbs)  27 seconds
Male/Female 60+                        27 seconds

So the race / competition will take place today at 5:30PM at the Oak Grove High School – I imagine the temperature will be scorching.

With the competition taking place at 5:30PM I am sure that the temperature will be a factor – scorching I imagine. There is also a chance of thunderstorms! 

I have some pretty aggressive goals for myself. I have not run a 5K since last March (14 months ago) and I am not sure where my 5K pace is located. I hope that there will be a few rabbits for me to chase. I have had success in the past if I can hold someones shoulder. My last 5K was also a PR at 19:09 - I would love to see 18:5X!

I weighed this morning and I am pushing my upper limit for for my bench press.  I weighed in at 158 lbs - this is a good weight for me but the 70% rule will put that at 110.6 lbs.  I have done all of my 70% sessions at 110 lbs.  The weigh in will be crucial to success.

Furthermore, I lifted on Monday afternoon and my counts were totally off – like 20% off. I need a lot of things to come together to put up my best time.
If you are in the area you should really come out – there is not late fee registration or anything! See Flyer.

This race will be a lot of fun!


Matty O said...

Good luck! Can't wait for your results and race report. I really contemplated doing this race in our area but I have been out of lifting for a few months now.

Usually when I bench my form is weird (my back has a curve) and I strain my lower back. With our competitions this year I wanted to be cautious and do other forms of strength training.

Caratunk Girl said...

Best of luck to you! Can't wait to read the RR!

KC (my 140 point 6 mile journey) said...

Good luck! Since I can't be there to see this myself, at 5:30pm, I will stop for a moment of silence and send positive race mojo and muscular endurance mojo. What's the deal with Ronald McDonald? Is McD's sponsoring this? Do you win a year of free big macs and super size fries? Go kick some ass James! OH, and I will pray for cloud cover, not rain.