Wednesday, July 7, 2010

38. BFD.

I had a package on my door step. My father had told me that it had stuff that I would not purchase for myself. This peeked my interest. In the box were all kinds of ironman goodness. It had all things IM Louisville – socks, stickers and bandanas. It was pretty neat stuff; my father was right – I would not have purchased the items myself but I will definitely wear them. In fact the ‘head sweats’ IM thing is simply awesome under my helmet. No more sweat dripping in the eyes!

Jodie got me a new unitard but it was too big. She also got me a lot of stuff for organization. I have been complaining that I want to be more productive and now I have a lot of the tools to make this happen.

38. BFD. - not photoshopped

On the exercise front I sent an email out to the crew to for a cycling Time Trial for Tuesday morning. When I woke up but my legs were dead tired. I looked at the alarm clock and it was already 5:30 AM – I had about 5 minutes to be out the door. Oh yeah, there was also a light drizzle. I did not make the ride. I did however jump on the trainer for a recovery ride. This was an easy 45 minutes while watching yesterdays Tour de France finish.  The legs did not want to go even at the easy pace.  After about 15 minutes they felt better.  I was glad I did the trainer ride.

At lunch I met up with the running crew and did intervals. Even if my legs are tired I can always get them to perform while running. We knocked out 6 quarters, 3 1000’s and 6 200’s. These were all solid.


Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday James!

Matty O said...

I am the same way, I would not purchase that stuff, but I would DEFINITELY wear it.

Agree with the running and biking. When the legs are dead, a good 15-20min into the ride they liven up. Running, usually a good mile and I am back on track.

Gotta read up on the Photoshop deal.

Jon said...

Happy Birthday!

misszippy said...

Happy birthday and love that your dad sent you that stuff! Very thoughtful.

Robbie said...

Happy Birthday! Aren't running goodies the best thing??!!!

Kristin said...

Happy b-day, and what a cool gift!