Thursday, July 29, 2010

Running mileage and the Wednesday Night Ride

I am already signed up for the Mardi Gras marathon at the end of February and I will soon sign up for the Boston Marathon on Patriot’s Day (April). So I have started to increase my running mileage. I have really been slacking in the mileage. And on top of that all my runs have been at intensity. I have been running stadiums, tempos and intervals exclusively. I have enjoyed the intensity but I have dwindled my base.

So, over the next 3 months I have going to increase my running mileage to approximately 50 miles per week. After that I am going to cut back for several weeks and then resume training. I would like to run all of the build races that I did last year leading up to the Mardi Gras marathon. However, this time I would like to max out at close to 70 miles a week. If I can accomplish these goals progressively and injury free then I truly believe a sub 3 hour marathon is possible.

The heat has been overwhelming but I have managed several runs at the noon hour. The heat has taken a toll on the pace but they have been solid runs. My mileage this week is at nearly 20 miles.

Now back to the current. I have received so many positive responses’ regarding . I have added a calendar of standing group rides, runs and swims. The calendar has really filled out. Just a little bit of PR has gone a long ways.

The Wednesday Night Ride Race had a huge turnout! There were 13 people who showed up and the race did not disappoint. The peloton was primary pulled by only two people and everyone else was holding on for dear life. The group did eventual get split in half but it was a lot of fun for everyone. I do not know the exact mileage or speed but there were several stretches at 28 – 29 MPH. It was challenging, brutal and a whole lot of fun!

When I got home I looked like I had just gotten out of the swimming pool. I was soaked to the core from the intensity.


Jon said...

Nice ride! Good luck increasing your run mileage.

Matty O said...

70 miles a week is a hefty goal. I know of all people you will be able to achieve it, quality miles too I am sure!

I never in my life want to bike with you. You are insane. Simple. HAHA.

Great job on the multisport club, that is really cool that you were able to have a hand in it and there was such a large interest!

Keep up the good work!

misszippy said...

Good luck to you reaching your goal mileage. I'm at 50 right now for my November marathon, hoping to hit low- to mid-60s. I do think the higher mileage goes a long way.

Runners Fuel said...

Wow! Good luck with 50 miles per week. Awesome to see you will be running Boston next year!

KC (my 140 point 6 mile journey) said...

That's some serious mileage James! Once I start to get close to 50, things start to break : )
I absolutely love when our evening rides turn into races, which happens a lot. I'm qualified for Boston but need to make a decision maybe around January if I'm going to sign up or not. Depends on who all is going.