Monday, August 16, 2010

Contest 02: GU Sampler Giveaway WINNER

Last Monday I had a poker game at my house. Just a couple of guys from the running club. Nothing high stakes or anything. But I was left with a lot more quarters at the end of the night than what I had started with. So, having all of this extra currency sitting around got me to thinking of a creative way to pick the winner of the Potted Plant O’GU. I saw that I had 23 comments on the post and I used a sharpie marker to tag 23 quarters. Now, there were a lot more than 23 quarters to select from (I mean a whole lot more – a special thank you to Jim and Charles for making the selection process possible). Not to beat a dead horse but there could have been so many more entries – I had the quarters!

Potted Plant o'GU

I wrote a number on the head side of the 23 quarters and then threw them into a pan. If the quarter landed head side up you went to the next round. If tail you were eliminated. During the process I realized that there could easily be a tie. So I decided that in the event of a tie the last throw would be repeated. Just for the record there were no ties.
23 marked quarters

1st toss

2nd toss

3rd toss

We have a WINNER - NUMBER 17

Now, I hope that I don’t catch grief for this but the winning number (quarter) was 17. And quarters do not lie.  But, that just happens to be one on my riding buddies – Raland. If you follow the blog you will noticed that I have mentioned him before. Most recently while riding Red Bluff and he was combating some kind of Montezuma's revenge – the real kind Mexico. Well, dehydration, hills and 100 degree heat index don’t mix. Raland found out the hard way.

It will be Raland's responcibility to determine just what flavor this GU is:

New flavor?

Now on to the Master’s Swim front. Honestly, I have some anxiety. The pool has been closed for the last week so I did not even get a chance to brush up on my lack of swim fitness. I have been calling this the clean the house up before the maid comes over plan. And I have been unsuccessful. Going from zero to Master’s Swim ( 1.5 hours x 3 times per week) will be an eye opener. Like I said, there is some anxiety but I am also excited. I will let you know how it goes.

Also, I have really enjoyed the new blogs that I have found.  Everyone that has a blog and commented on the post - I have read your blog and probably started following you!  I had a lot of good reads this weekend while it was raining.  Thanks!



I am both sad that I didn't win, but happy that I don't have to eat anymore gels this year.

Matty O said...

Loved the original way of coming up with the winner haha. Definitely a new approach!

The mystery gu flavor huh? That could be dangerous... fish flavored???

Can't wait to see your improvement and thoughts on a master's swim class! Exciting and scary at the same time I am sure!

Raland Burks said...

Thanks for the GU's James I will put them to test next week in my first Road Race. I will email you with my opinion on the new flavor.

Adam said...

This is, quite possibly the best use of GU I've ever seen. Flower on.

Rachel Wasserman said...

If Raland should determine that he can't accept the gu's due to a conflict of interest...i'd be happy to take them off your hands!

Either that or I need to buy myself some more mint chocolate - I only have 1 left!!!

lindsay said...

dang it!! i really wanted to win these. cool way to determine the winner - i can never think of a good one and is so boring :)

Kirk (MyBestTri) said...

I like the unique downselect process. Congrats Raland!

Keith said...

Nice process. But now that I didn't win I need to go buy more.

The problem with Master's swimming is they are all so stinking fast, AND they expect you to swim other strokes besides freestyle. Fast. Looking forward to hearing how it goes.