Monday, August 2, 2010

Festival Weekend - Top of the Hops

I am a little bit slow in posting this morning. There was absolutely no exercise this weekend. Instead, there were 4 us from the running club that went to the “Top of the Hops” beer festival. This was the first ever beer festival in Mississippi.

I think I have probably mentioned before that I am a member of the Running club and the Beer club. The only difference that I have found is that beer club does not run. That adage continues to hold true.
My diet soda

The four of us runners elected to have VIP status for the festival. This was a great idea. It allowed for us to enter the facility an hour early and have access to the VIP area. The roped off area had food and ‘premium’ beer pulls. There was also an abundance of chairs.

We ate and drank all afternoon. I really attempted to pace myself. I know that I can get ‘in trouble’ at these type events. Between every half dozen or so 2 ounce beers I tried to have a diet soda. However, each time I grabbed a soda I received the wrath of indignation. They would take a picture or grab a cute girl and question her about my drinking of a diet soda a beer festival.
Beer toast - diet soda in foreground

There were also corn hole games set up. We started playing competitive drinking corn hole. The losers had to get the other team beer. Fortunately Terry and I were outmatched by Charles and Jim. And since we had to go and get beer 2 out of 3 times – Charles and Jim just got more practice.
diet soda

diet soda

Towards the end of the festival we meandered over to the “Magnolia Roller Vixens” Roller Derby booth. Somehow I was encouraged to get a photograph with the girls. They were sweet but I knew that each one of them could easily kick my ass. Immediately after the photograph Charles encouraged me to purchase something from the vixens to support their cause. I bought the biggest beer mug that they had. Jim proclaimed that this was the mark. This is THE INCIDENT that we would be able to trace all future decisions. This is where the poor judgment line was crossed. And he was absolutely correct.  There would be few diet sodas past this point.
Me with the vixens

After the festival we went to the after party – which was packed. Switching from 2 ounce beers to full beers would prove detrimental. Everything from this point gets a little blurry and then a lot blurry.
Terry - tired after the 20 miler (70 mile week)

We somehow checked into the hotel and then we soon appeared at a restaurant. We did not stay there long.  Upon exiting I found an area and an opportunity to expunge the vileness that was brewing in my belly. All was immediately better with the world. Jim was impressed with the volume.  We walked to a Wendy’s of all places. I inhaled some food along with a vanilla frosty. Word has it that Charles and Jim were having trouble breathing as they were choking on fries and laughing too hard.
Morning after - no cigar for me

It was a good night and I am fortunate to have close friends. There was no harm no foul. And no exercise.


Matty O said...


Sounds like an awesome event to be honest. I have found the same with running clubs haha. They drink, and they have fun.

Its nice to have some time off and down time to enjoy a couple tasty beverages.

The vixens have kind of intimidated me, you are a better man than me because the one "vixen's" arm is bigger than my leg!

Runners Fuel said...

Great weekend!

Caratunk Girl said...

HA! That is awesome. So freaking funny.

Post Timberman HIM I am definitely throwing back a few with some friends. We don't have a running club in Caratunk, but we do have 6 bars.

Jeff - DangleTheCarrot said...

"I think I have probably mentioned before that I am a member of the Running club and the Beer club. The only difference that I have found is that beer club does not run. That adage continues to hold true."

That line right there just cracked me up!

Dude, you said no exercise? Looks like you did a TON of bicep work with all those beer curls!!

Jon said...

Most awesomest post I have read in a long time! Sounded like an AWESOME weekend!

Adam said...

YES!! That is so awesome. I've never been to a beer tasting like that, but i've been to a few wine ones and it seems like we both had similar results.

BTW - if I were there with you, I would have totally made fun of you for the Dt Pepsi too. :)