Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Retro grip tape - 80's throw back

My grip tape was starting to wear in a couple of areas. I bought a roll of grip tape on sale. I’m a little bit behind the times and I am certainly not a pro but I picked the white tape. I mentioned this a couple of weeks ago during a Wednesday Night Ride. One of the guys, Ty asked me if I was going all eighties and if I was going to get my ear pierced again.

Before - plain Jane black grip tape.

I have done this a time or two - remember that, when looking from the left side of the bike that the tape wraps counter clockwise.  Do as I say, not as I do - the above is incorrect.

Still wrong.  Why, because you have a natural tendency to grip the tape and push it forward.  This will prevent the tape from unrolling prematurely.  When doing the right side, stand on the right side of the bike and wrap it clockwise.

I actually like the yin yang / black white look - kind of anyway.

Finished product.  I think it turned out well on a black and white bike.

However, the question is if I will like dingy, dirty white on a black and white bike?

I did not know that the white tape was that retro – but, I am probably not going to get the ear pieced (again?)but I might rock the neon or maybe a Frankie Says shirt – Do you kids even remember those?



New tape. Almost as good as a new bike.

WELL, maybe not.

Jennifer said...

My tape is white. I see it as rather hip.

Matty O said...

Man that looks clean!

We have white tape... dirty in no time haha... its kinda greyish brown now.

Bethany + Ryan said...

nice, we'll see how long it stays white for. :-) I have pink grip tape to match my pink camo bike. My uncle still has his disc wheel from the 80s, he had a friend speckle florescent pink, yellow and blue all over it, LOL

Luke said...

I also like the ying yang look.

Andrew Opala said...

white is the new pink

"Frankie Says" ?

Lindsay said...

I think the white tape (even when dingy) still looks pretty cool on a bike.

Julie said...

Hi James,
Oh boy, that white tape makes everything looks so clean and fancy:)

Funny about the 80's throw back!

I see that you have a Trek bike:)

RockStarTri said...

One of my bikes has white tape. It doesn't get as dirty as the white saddle I have on it.

"Relax" with the 80s references :)

lindsay said...

i wouldn't know what color was 'in' either. i'd pick something funky personally, but i'm a girl and i think it's easier for us to get away with :)

Kathleen said...

I have white tape on my bike as well. It certainly isn't as clean and nice looking as yours.
Thanks for the pointers on wrapping. I might have to reference back to it in the near future.

Ironman By Thirty said...

My bike came with white/gray tape and I can't wait for it to wear out so that I can replace it with black. It got dingy really quickly. It cleans up fairly well, but I have to clean it on a weekly basis if I want it to look clean.

Your bike sure does look pretty sweet though!

Barbie said...

I love my white tape. But then again it's new so will have to reassess that statement when it goes all gross.