Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Are you hooked?

I read this over on EverymanTri. -

You probably already suspected this, but a new survey by confirms that once bitten by the triathlon bug, most amateur athletes are hooked on the sport. The study also confirms that triathletes spend thousands of dollars per year on gear, and of course spend long hours training each week.

According to key findings include:

•Once someone participates in a tri, they are hooked on the sport: over 90% of panelists surveyed plan to participate in an event in 2011

•Triathletes spend to support their passion: Regardless of income level, the average triathlete surveyed spent $2,135 in 2010 on gear alone

•Triathletes make time for training: Despite professional demands, 50 percent of triathletes surveyed train for 10-15 hours a week

You can read the entire press release below:

SAN DIEGO, CA – September 21, 2010– With the Ford Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii, less than a month away, The Active Network, Inc.,(Active Network) a technology and media company, today announced the results of a new survey focused on the motivators and behaviors of triathletes.

The survey of 1,560 triathletes, recruited exclusively from Active Network’s Active Lifestyle Panel, reveals that once someone participates in a triathlon they are hooked on the sport. In fact, over 90 percent of those surveyed plan to participate in a triathlon event in 2011 with 32 percent indicating they plan on participating in five or more triathlons in 2011.

Data provided by the World Triathlon Corporation shows that the number of Ironman events being offered around the world continues to rise. In 2006, when Ironman 70.3 was launched, there were 17 events worldwide. Today that number has grown to 42 Ironman 70.3 events spanning 22 countries.

"We continue to see an increase in demand for Ironman and 70.3 events globally," said Jessica Weidensall, spokesperson from World Triathlon Corporation. "Each year, more than 160,000 athletes attempt to earn coveted slots to the Ford Ironman World Championship and Foster Grant Ironman World Championship 70.3. We expect to see even more growth across all brands as we offer new, exciting opportunities in the sport."

Additional key findings from the Active Lifestyle Panel include:

Triathletes spend to support their passion: Regardless of income level, the average triathlete surveyed spent $2,135 in 2010 on gear alone to support their event participation and training (excluding travel or event entry fees).

Triathletes are affluent and educated: The average age of triathletes surveyed was 40 years old, with close to half earning an annual income of over $100K. Education levels are high as well with 40 percent having a college degree and over 40 percent having a post graduate degree.

Triathletes make time for training: Despite professional demands, 50 percent of triathletes surveyed train for 10-15 hours a week with 33 percent indicating they train for three to four months leading up to an event.

In addition, the Active Lifestyle Panel (which recruits exclusively from’s family of media properties) also revealed that regardless of distance, the number one motivator for competing in a triathlon was to accomplish a personal challenge, followed by staying in shape and enjoying the training journey.

“Having witnessed over 200,000 individuals cross the finish line at Ironman events around the world, the sport of triathlon is not just about the physical transformation, but an emotional journey. For many participants, finishing any triathlon represents a huge lifetime milestone,” explained Mike Reilly, the voice of Ironman and vice president at Active Network.

Active Network™ is one of the largest providers of sports registration software for endurance events and organizations in North America.

About The Active Lifestyle Panel

The Active Lifestyle Panel is composed exclusively of consumers recruited from the Active Network family of media properties. It is a new panel that provides access to a highly engaged and motivated community of active consumers.

Obviously this is true for most of us.  But what got you hooked?


Matty O said...

For the record... we bought new bikes this year. Gear total is less than 1k for each my wife and myself. I was freaking about that number but I guess we did good compared to others?!

What got me hooked? The way I feel. I have confidence in life and I feel like I have set goals and I am not just going day to day like I was before.

This is my happy drug I guess.

Keith said...

Going from huge and out of shape to feeling strong and fit would be enough to hook anyone. I love how I feel these days, and the whole process of setting then meeting goals is like a drug.

Patrick Mahoney said...

You certainly can't ask for a better addiction to sweep the nation. Problems and issues that are bound to come up in the community from such explosive growth aside, it's pretty exciting...

Jeff - DangleTheCarrot said...

"...the average triathlete surveyed spent $2,135 in 2010 on gear alone."

I think I spent that much in Gels!

Barefoot Neil Z said...

Thats why I don't want to try it. hehe. Can't afford running, let alone triathlon...

Jon said...

These stats make sense!

misszippy said...

The term "tri-geek" isn't for nothing!

Kristin said...

Omg, I wish I only spent $2K per year!

Barbie said...

What got me hooked? The healthy crazy lifestyle and the great people i have met along the way.

Ironman By Thirty said...

Yikes! $2k a year??! I wish! My wife would kill me if I spent that much. That means that there are people spending $3-$4K a year to average out my less than $1 a year.

I got hooked after my first race. My only regret is not getting into tris sooner!

Caratunk Girl said...

That is an awesome article, thanks for sharing it!! I didn't spend $2k in gear, but maybe WTC entry fees!

Kirk (MyBestTri) said...

After two races this year, I'm hooked. I will have to up my spending next year, but not to $2K. I agree with IBT above. Wish I had got into it sooner.