Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Run the trolley tracks

While in New Orleans I did get a couple of runs in – one was a quick 5k at the hotel fitness room and the other was with a new friend along the St. Charles trolley lines. The trolley run looks like a lot of fun, however, it had rained while we were in class and there were lots of puddles.

So I was running along with fellow triathlete Mark who is doing Branson 70.3 this weekend. As usual I was flapping my gums. I really can just go on and on with the talking. Especially while exercising. Since he has the race next weekend I said I could run any pace. This meant we settled into my comfortable zone hovering around 8 minutes per mile (maybe a hair over). It was fun dodging the puddles and yielding to the trolleys. Mark was suffering some from the 100% New Orleans humidity.

However, right at 1.5 miles Mark kicked a hidden post or something and nearly went down. We stopped immediately. He was limping a little bit. I told him (repeatedly) that this was his workout – not mine and that we could turn back at anytime. We ended up walking a half mile and running a mile for a total of 8.5 miles. A lot of the last miles were walking.

Since last month when I opened up it has been liberating. Almost complete 180 degree turn around. This is allowing for me to be more honest – to show more of who I am. Anyway, during our run / walks Mark asked me if I was married or had ever been married. I said, I am not trying to be heavy or anything but yes I was married and all of that stuff. It felt awkward. I mean that is some heavy stuff to just throw out there. No one wants a ‘fun run’ conversation to have substance.

So I have gone from telling no one to telling complete strangers. Wow. Anyway, it was not a downer for the rest of the run and I felt more genuine. In the past I would have just said nope – never married.

After the run my ‘Prickly Heat’ made more one last ditch effort of making me miserable. I showered and did the baby powder thing. Since that run last Saturday, I am happy to say that this ailment has subsided. The itching and redness has completely gone away.

I left New Orleans in the early afternoon. I enjoyed riding with Bill and we talked about the clinic. These network connections are valuable in and of themselves. I made it home just in time for Beer Club. It was a beautiful day and the Beer Club had a fair showing. My good friend Charles did show up (still on crutches) and we enjoyed chewing the fat. I think he is going to enter the homebrew contest next month.

I was exhausted from the weekend. This caught me off guard. I mean, I did not do any of the traditional New Orleans debauchery or anything. I just sat in class all day and did some moderate exercise. Sure, beer club did not help but it was also in moderation.

I skipped Adult Swim on Monday morning. This is not like me. Generally when I have a commitment I am going to make it come hell or high water. There was just no way that I was going to get up at 4:30AM and ride to work. So I missed the swim. Instead I made all of my meals for the week. I got to work and I was still feeling tired. It did not help that one of my co-workers has been suffering from a cold for the last week – all last week and still snotty this week.

I think that I started to feel the effects. So I have been slacking this week. At lunch I have played racquet ball the last two days. On Tuesday I rode the bike in and actually felt chilled. I think I will have to pull out the arm warmers. To make up for the lack of running I decided to run home after work. It was hot out but the humidity has subsided somewhat.

This would be an easy 6 mile run – just like I always do. I started out at my comfortable pace. My heart rate was in check but when I looked at my speed it was slow – like a minute slow. My heart rate climbed a little bit and my pace fell into place but my legs were killing me. They felt like I had run long the day before. I continued to run in this easy heart rate zone but nothing about this run was easy.

After three miles I called it quits. I walked the next three miles. I have never done this. It was demoralizing. I felt like a failure. I was not blown up. I was not too hot. I just did not want to run. Looking at my training for the last week I know that I am not over extended. And I actually do not feel sick – just tired. After the hour plus run / walk home (ran the first 3 miles at a low 8 pace and walked the next 3 at a 17 pace) I made myself a recovery drink.  I know that I did not need it from this session but I wanted to curb of any further decay.  I mixed up a protein shake with a health dose of BCAA's with some almond milk.  It was delicious and hopefully it will add in getting me back on track.

So here I am on Wednesday morning and I have decided to skip another Adult Swim. I am still tired and when I went to get a cup of coffee my legs were achy and fatigued.  fortunately I don;t have any races on the near horizon so I have the luxury of riding it out.

I am sure I will spring back in the next day or so and be ready to tackle a new training plan.


misszippy said...

I totally get what you are saying about being tired from the weekend of classes. When I did the RRCA coach's training, I was tired, and sore, from sitting all day long taking in so much. It's a different kind of tired than what we're used to.

I'm glad you're able to get out there and talk about everything, even with strangers. It must have its own therapeutic benefits, I'd think.

Matty O said...

Any huge change in my routine throws me. I can feel you on that one.

Good on you for embracing your past. You are a real motivator whether you see it that way or not. You missing your swim workouts and calling it in on your run has shown me that you are HUMAN! haha. You are typically a machine and are very methodical but there are days where you know when you are done.

Keep your head up and don't beat yourself up like I would over that run and missing some sessions. Let your body get back into your routine and you will be blowing it up in no time.

Keep up the good work!

Runners Fuel said...

Sometimes your body just needs a break from some activities. You'll get back into it.

Caratunk Girl said...

Hey like Matty O said, when I get a change in my routine, I get all messed up.

You continue to amaze and inspire me - your past is part of who you are, and maybe talking about it - even with complete strangers - is theraputic?

As far as training, it sucks to not finish a planned run - just a crappy feeling for sure - but the right call nonetheless. But it sounds like you might be fighting off something, so another day of rest might help you out tons.

lindsay said...

It must be a huge relief to truly be yourself. I can understand the awkwardness but I hope it fades in time. No one would judge you on this!

As for the tired & slow I have been feeling that way recently too. Being sluggish is hard work.