Friday, September 10, 2010

Wednesday night ride and New Orleans bound

I forgot to look for my sleep shorts on my ride home, oh well. I rode home after work and dropped my bag off at the house. I then rode back to Jackson Station for the Wednesday night ride. There were not many takers tonight. It was Butch, Ed, Mark, Chad and me. The ride started off rather sedate. Even though the pace was not that high I looked down at my legs. They were already getting splotchy from the heat. They were starting to itch. Man, I am tired of this ‘prickly heat’; however it really is getting better. Once we got off the trace Ed lead us out and pulled most of the time. The pace was just fast enough that no one was willing to attack. After about 15 miles Butch took the lead and poured it on uphill. I think that is his favorite form of attack. Long gradual hills at a good clip and he just watches the riders fall off. Once we started to regroup I took off. I really tried to keep my exertion under control. I wanted to ride out hard – but not too hard and just blow up. I got a good jump and it felt like I was creating a gap. The sun was getting low in the sky behind me and I was looking for shadows. But my heart rate started to creep up and I was getting spent. I kept the pace high for as long as possible. I started to fade and sat up – the guys were on my wheel. I had no idea. I moved to the right and tried to jump on the train. I was dying but I did not want to get dropped. Fortunately the road came to an end just ahead and I was able to get back on. It was a good solid effort. No guts no glory – maybe one of these days I will be able to get away (not likely).

I am out of town this weekend. I am going to New Orleans for a USA Triathlon coaching clinic. I am pretty excited. I was lucky enough to book a room back in June for like $50 a night. So I contacted some of the other clinic attendees to see if they wanted to split the cost of the hotel. However, being downtown the parking is $30 a night. I also wanted to find a ride. Everything fell into place. I found someone to split the room and give me a lift to New Orleans.

So I am having someone pick me up on campus in Hattiesburg and sharing a room for the weekend in New Orleans. A couple of people have told me this is risky. I guess I am a trusting person. I did not see the risk. However, I have written a post to be published at 5PM on Friday giving all of the details on my whereabouts just in case something happens. So, if I do not cancel the post please come looking for me.

All joking aside, I did think about the person picking me up. They are also taking a risk. I wonder how they would react if when they pulled up to pick me up if I was dressed as a mid-evil warrior in full regalia. I think it would be hilarious.


Matty O said...

I understand the risk haha. I have found though for triathlon in general almost everyone that I have met is totallllly cool and at the same level as me. I have made a lot of good friends this year just because of the sport.

I have also found that triathletes are very generous at offering a place to stay to other athletes. This is like a brotherhood or something. I think we have a lot of respect for each other and that goes a long way.

As for the full medieval garb. DO IT. I think I would pee myself laughing that hard picturing you standing there with your bag in hand and sword in the other hahaha.

Good luck! You would make an excellent coach. (Glad I got my tips from you for free though ;) )

Jeff - DangleTheCarrot said...

How awesome would that be of you dressed like that? For the entire drive you could talk with a Scottish accent and quote Braveheart. Here is an example of how to work it into the conversation:

New Triathlete Friend: "That guy is driving like and idiot behind me! He is going to kill some one!"

Tri-James (dressed as William Wallace): "Aye, all men die but not all men truly live!"

The comedic possibilities are absolutely endless here. James, this has to be done! Oh, and if you could video it as well that would be awesome!

Have a great time in the Big easy!

Bethany + Ryan said...

haha, i like your humor! have a great weekend!! :-)

misszippy said...

I think you need to go for that look and see if they'll let you in the car! Have a great weekend--you're gonna come back too smart for the rest of us!

Papa D said...

Please do not encourage this as he will respond with over the top actions. I bet he has already told this story to the ride and roommate by now.
I know because I raised this super young man.
Do be careful.


Julie said...

Hi James,
Nice bike ride! Way to hang tough and finish strong:)

Have a good time at the Tri coaching camp!

Keith said...

Looks like SCA garb. No big deal. Not so much of a risk. You publish a blog, if one was concerned there are ways of checking you out.

Jon Gilchrist said...

I think that regalia woulda been AWESOME...

sounds like an awesome ride as well..hope the clinic has gone well til now...

Anne said...

Sheesh! Look at all the guys encouraging you to dress up and scare your lift...except Dad, which I totally appreciate. Hope you had a great time!