Friday, October 29, 2010

Anxiety times 2

So I have a benchmark half marathon this weekend and I am leaving the country for about a month! I have been ‘just a little’ anxious this week.

I always get race anxiety. I like to set goals. And these goals are usually just out of reach. They are not a sure thing by any means. So I guess I test myself and I do not want to come up short. This is where the anxiety comes in – I do not want to fail. I also know that these races will hurt. They will push me mentally and physically. I have been working on trying to convert the race anxiety to race energy. I think I do a pretty good job. I traditionally race well. The excitement (internal and external) allows for me to put up very good efforts. This will be a good test considering the enourmiously how low my running volume has been (we are talking less than 20 miles a week). That being said, I think I just might be able to squeek a PR out of this race. I mean, what is the point in racing if you can’t throw down a PR!

bra•va•do (brə-väˈdō)
noun pl. bra•va•dos or bra•va•does
1. a. Defiant or swaggering behavior: strove to prevent our courage from turning into bravado.
b. A pretense of courage; a false show of bravery.
2. A disposition toward showy defiance or false expressions of courage.
For this half marathon tomorrow I hope to be able to throw down a good benchmark that I can base all of my winter paces off. This race will determine my interval paces, my tempo paces and my long run paces. This is important to me. I will retest at another half marathon at the first of December.

I also get some anxiety from traveling. I pack too much. I think about things that I might need. It is excessive. And a trip like this – well, I have some anxiety to say the least. I am trying to change this travel anxiety into race energy. If I can get my mind wrapped around this I should have a fantastic race.
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Matty O said...

Looks like you really STUFFED that suit case! 1 month is a long time though. Can never bee TOO careful. I hope you have a nice trip, should be a blast out there! Great time to leave too haha, as the cold weather sneaks in.

Good luck on the race. I hope you pull it off. I agree on the hurt of the PR, something about hurting to achieve something you fought for makes it all that much better.

The problem I have been finding is that its harder to chase other people down the faster you get. That trick used to work haha, now its typically just you out in the front.

Execute the plan tomorrow!

Barefoot Neil Z said...

Good Luck!

TRI714 said...

Good luck on your goal PR. Safe travels too.

Bethany + Ryan said...

good luck!!! You'll do great! I like the scale picture!

Barbie said...

Goodluck on your race. You will do great. And have a such flight here.

Pretend this is real said...

Wow! The killer is that packing that much means it can be easy to miss something! I find that making a list helps. And GOOD LUCK!

Jason said...

I am a packier-packer when it comes to travelling. I am in Clinton, MS this weekend (2 days) and my wife asked me if I was leaving the country. Just throw everything in the bag and I know I won't miss anything is my theory.

Good luck at hitting that can do it.

Kathleen said...

Have a great race and a wonderful trip!

lindsay said...

well at least you don't have to pack multiples of things b/c your sis has laundry-facilities! (i sure hope you have room for your computer so you can keep us updated on your aus adventures)

hope the race went well. i hear you on the race nerves/energy.