Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Port Dougals -

After the much needed sleep it was back to the airport. We flew from Sydney to Cairns. It was about a 3 hour flight but compared to the previous day it felt like nothing – it literally flew by.

After we landed we made a quick stop at the grocery store for provisions and then we soon arrived at the crocodile farm. We spent a couple of hours watching the snake show, the touring the crocodile farm, and taking a short lagoon tour to see the crocodiles in ‘the wild’. We also watched a ‘Crocodile Attack’ show. It was a good time.

Another short drive and we arrived at our apartment in Port Douglas. Another quick trip to the grocery store and we were home for the night. I took the kids to the swimming pool while Joe and Francie prepared dinner. On a side note, Joe is my best friend from high school. And he just happened to marry my sister Francie. It is a unique dynamic. Joe is still my best friend and my sister is still my sister. My relationship with Joe has changed very little over the years – we just don’t talk about sex.

sync'ing up the garmin

self-portrait while running

Joe, Isabelle and I headed to the beach in the morning for a short run. November first is the start of the stinger (jellyfish) season. They put up these big nets to keep them out of areas of the beach. We spoke with the receptionist at the apartment and she said that people have been swimming and no stingers have been reported. We took our shoes off and ran barefoot down the beach. Joe and Isabelle dropped off after a short while and I continued. The sand was and slope of the beach were perfect. The sand felt good on the feet. I am a mid foot striker and running barefoot is easy for me. My calves are already used to running. I ran an easy pace and I had planned on running the entire stretch for 4 miles beach. However, at mile 2.5 out I felt a sharp stinging pain in my right big toe. I never saw the stinker but I did feel it. I decided to turn around. The pain was not overbearing while running. It really wasn’t a big deal – there was discomfort but nothing too bad. I caught back up to Joe and Isabelle and we headed back to the beach head.

In case of stingers

I poured some vinegar on my foot just in case. I can still feel the sting but once again it is no big deal. I am sure it would be different if they were all over me or on my face.

I just finished breakfast and now it is time to head to the reef.


lindsay said...

yikes! glad it seems to be doing ok. that's kinda cool about your sister and best bud, but i can also see how it'd be a little weird. how'd they end up in aus?

Aimee said...

I'm glad the sting wasn't too bad! I've heard horror stories about being stung!

Kathleen said...

Except for the stinger, it sounds like you are having a good time :)

Matty O said...

So they actually do have crocodile and snake shows down there, man that is crazy!!!

HAHA, I was going to ask if you guys broached the sex subject after you were describing your buddy haha. Luckily I did not have any sisters... don't know if I could handle that. At least you know he is a good guy for your sister, so that is a plus.

Any racing while down under?

misszippy said...

Looks spectacular! Now you can say you've had a real Aussie experience after your sting...

Anonymous said...

So everything is fine...then you get on an A380 and now Qantas grounds them all over engine issues? What the heck did you do while you were on that plane??

jodie said...

Hopefully no stinging jelly fish on the reef!

Barbie said...

Yes the stingers - be very careful. I do believe this time of year brings the Irikandji up North- they are very small but deadly. Please be careful. We also have the Box Jellyfish and the Portugese Manowar (Blue Bottle) as they are referred to here.