Thursday, November 11, 2010

Road ID - repair kit

Back in July I reviewed the Road ID Elite bracelet. I really like it and I still wear it almost everyday. I believe in the product. However, one time it accidentally became unclasped from my wrist. This caused me some concern. From my blog this past summer ( ):

I do have one major concern. Last week, since I am playing and not training right now, during a racquet ball game the bracelet flew off on my wrist! Now, I am the type of baller that swings wildly and with very little grace. I did not even notice that it was gone. The person that I was playing with handed me the Road ID. There is a watch pin that holds the clasp together. It was gone. We looked for a few minutes around the court but could not find it. I am a resourceful guy. When I got back to my office I used a paper clip to replace the watch pin. I cut it to size and beveled the ends of the paper clip with a file. Now, this Road ID is going nowhere. However, this did make me think about an accident. Would it stay in place? Was the flying off of my wrist just a fluke?
Well, today I received an email from Edward Wimmer – one of the owners of the company. It stated the following:

Hello James:

You previously purchased a Wrist ID Elite from us. It has come to our attention that a very small percentage of the clasps on the Wrist ID Elite are not functioning properly. A few customers have reported that the clasp “pops open” unintentionally.

After a few of these reports, we decided to proactively address this isolated issue. We have done two things:

1. As of 8/16/10, all newly purchased Wrist ID Elites ship with a revised clasp. This new clasp eliminates the potential for the “popping open” problem.

2. We created a “Clasp Repair Kit’ that fixes the problem for all existing Wrist ID Elite clasps. The repair kit is available for FREE to any customer that has a problem with their EXISTING clasp. This repair kit will get a malfunctioning clasp working again...good as new.

The vast majority of our customers do not have any problem with their clasp. With that said, if you are experiencing the “popping open” problem, we want to send you a FREE Clasp Repair Kit. To request the FREE kit, please go here:

IMPORTANT: I just want to say that Road ID is committed to providing outstanding products of exceptional quality and workmanship. We stand behind our products 100%. If you have any problems with your Wrist ID Elite, or any other Road ID product, we will make it right. You can count on it.

Lastly, even if you don’t need the free Clasp Repair Kit, hop on over to our website to check out the Holiday Giveaway that we just launched. We’re giving away over $14,000 in prizes including a Trek Madone 6.9, Speed Concept 9.9, a spot on Team Livestrong in the NYC or Boston Marathon, Hed Wheels, Garmin GPS, Newton Shoes & more.

Thank you for your time.

Be safe out there,

Edward Wimmer & Mike Wimmer
Road ID
How cool is that! A company that cares about it’s customers and it’s products! First class in my book.

After I ordered my free repair kit the website had an apology that said - "Oh yeah, if it makes you feel any better, The guy responsible for the malfunctioning clasp had to sit in time-out for three straight days. It was brutal, but I think he got the point."  I hope they were not too hard on the guy.


Iron Mike said...

Great info, thank you! Mine kept coming undone while swimming, highly annoying. Appreciate the Repair Kit link.

lindsay said...

that's pretty cool. glad it fell off where you noticed it and easily found the id (vs flying off during a run). hope their new system works as well as your paper clip!