Thursday, December 23, 2010

Wetsuits not just for cold water - football?

Emilio from Desoto Sports posted the following on Slowtwitch earlier this week:

Some of the highest paid pros are wearing T1 Wetsuits and they are paying full price: Tom Brady is one of them.

If you are watching tonights [New England Patriots at Chicago Bears] game, Tom Brady is wearing a T1 First Wave under his jersey. It is cut just above the elbow. How do I know? Because we sold it to him and I keep seeing it under his jersey and the navy blue shirt he has on.

But the story gets better. After he bought one just a little over a week ago before the Bears game, 3 other players from the Patriots ordered them.

....and the story gets better, Matt Cassel from the Chiefs ordered one for his cold weather games.

If you are watching the game, pay close attention to his right arm. Every now and then the you can a he has on something black as his base layer, and you can see the First Wave logo as the navy blue shirt he has on creeps up a bit.

In a later post as why a football player might wear the wetsuit top -

It keeps you warm in cold weather if you are not breaking a sweat. Think about it. He is not running very much, so it keep him warm without getting sweaty and clammy underneath. I told their trainer that it would work well for any player that is not running much....which is why their kicker, punter and long snapper all bought them.

I might start wearing a shorty on those early cold early morning commutes.


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Barbie said...

Not a bad idea.

lindsay said...

lol. oh tom brady.... just retire for real.

Happy Feet 26.2 said...

stopping by to wish you a VERY Merry Christmas. I hope it's nice.

Yes, I will be running Steam Whistle, unless Charles needs help during the race. I'm considering the half at First Light too, but not sure about that one yet. Are you running First Light?

rash guard said...

What do we say wetsuits are the new boxers or under gear?