Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The $500 Diet

Have you made a resolution this year?  Let’s see, today is January 5th.  Is your will power starting to wane? 

I always here people talk about the movie stars and the shape that they are in – It goes something like this – I could look like Brad Pitt in Fight Club if I had a personal trainer and $20 million to lose.  Well what if instead of getting $20 million you had to pay $500?

Enter the website .   You make contracts with real consequences (optional money) on the line.  You commit to do something and then have a nonpartisan report on you progress.  It is strict accountability! 

How about losing weight.  Say you want to lose 10 pounds over the next 10 weeks.  You set up a goal date and goal weight.  Then you weigh in each week and have the nonpartisan report it.  If you met your goal – CONGRATULATIONS.  If not, your credit card is charged the appropriate amount ($$$) - Would you rather lose a pound next week or $500?  Let me show you how it works.

Just in time for New Year’s Resolutions, here’s a guide to make weight loss resolutions stickK.  It’s The $500 Diet and for a limited time you can read it for free.


Most diet books are written by physicians and scientists, but The $500 Diet is my attempt to give economics and contract law a chance to change how much you want to eat. It’s a seven-step plan to strengthen your resolve – to help you make credible New Year’s resolutions.

Would you rather lose a pound next week or $500?
You can pick from several resolutions – Lose Weight, Exercise Regularly, Quit Smoking, Race!, Maintain Weight, or a Custom Goal.


Optionally you can put money at stake to ensure that you reach your goal.  You give you credit card information.  You can have the money go to an individual, a charity or an ANTI charity (brutal).


You then assign a referee to monitor and report your progress.  If you do not succeed then your credit card is charged appropriately.


Here is the one I made for myself – Mardi Gras Marathon – sub-3 hours.


If anyone needs a referee just let me know.


Jon said...

I think it all boils down to motivation to stick to your goal and follow through with your goal. If $$$ is what motivates someone to accomplish his or her goal, then so be it!

I think that is why most resolutioners call it quits after 3 weeks. The carrot they were chasing, or lack there of, was eaten already.

This is why I think running or triathlon is such a good motivator. You can't just do a triathlon in 3 weeks (well, you can) but usually a good 6 month training plan is better, and after that, it has fit into your lifestyle and is easier to continue. That is how it happened with me.

Karen said...

What a clever idea... I am sorry I didn't think of it first!

Matty O said...

WOW, that is brutal... anti charity haha.

The only thing that would keep people honest is a scale with bluetooth capability or some sort of wireless connection to keep you honest.

I would be motivated for sure.

Sub 3 hrs... ARE YOU SERIOUS? Good luck man, cannot WAIT to follow this journey :)

Kristin said...

This is fantastic! I would also need someone to come over to my house at 5am to make sure I don't spend an hour hitting snooze!

misszippy said...

Pretty cool idea and I'm guessing he's tapping into something for many. I'm pulling for your sub-3!