Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Brewing and lower cadence

Having a long weekend allowed me to get an extra bike ride. I had the option of going to Red Bluff with the cycling crew. They were originally going to ride in the morning but there was a chance of rain. They delayed the ride until noon. This interfered with my afternoon plans.

Instead I rode the trainer. I have been doing these FTP (functional threshold power) training rides. They are solid. They are hard. I have failed on just as many as I have succeeded. However, last week I discovered something. Since I started riding I have forced myself to ride a high cadence – high like in the mid nineties. Well, on one of my 3 x 10 minutes at 85% FTP rides last week I purposefully shifted down (up) twice to a harder gear. This dropped my cadence to the mid eighties. This felt much easier. I was able to complete the session at a lower perceived exertion and a lower average heart rate.

So this session I did 2 x 20 minutes at 85% FTP with the lower cadence. It was still challenging but I was able to complete the session and once again at a lower average heart rate. This is great news for time trials; however, this might not be the best for triathlons and running after the bike. I need to do some more testing.

In the afternoon I went over to Charles’s house to brew a batch of Ridicule Stout. Ridicule was the method of brewing.  There may be something to that old notion of too many cooks in the kitchen.






Anonymous said...

good shtuff...like your new "digs", too