Sunday, January 30, 2011

Exercise, addiction, and more awesomer

I received the following envelope from Matty Run Run.

more awesomer?

Could this indeed make me more awesomer?  I mean, I am not really into the quick fix.  I am a natural born skeptic.  However, I do have an open mind.  What could it be?

Wow.  Tingly.

I am not sure but I think I felt something …

On a side note Matty Run Run linked to another article on his blog about exercise and addiction in Slate magazine – (he linked to it from this blog).  I’ll be the first to tell you that training is not just physical.


Finally, Andrew at Running Man Wannabe has challenged us all to a Burpee Off – the most burpees you can do in 2 minutes.  I hate burpees but I’m in!


Matty O said...

So where are you going to stick that? Haha.

Yeah, I do believe that exercise is addictive, I do believe that running and triathlon is even more addictive.

It's like a drugie trying to get a better high each time they shoot up... we want that "high" or in our case, "PR". Without that PR most people never feel that sensation or satisfaction.

Luckily... I am not THAT crazy. I think at times I walk a fine line and have to keep myself in check.

I hate burpees too. Thanks to you this may be the most burpees I have (and ever) done.

Lindsay said...

I can just see the awesomeness spilling out of the envelope.

Kristin Bradfield said...

I need to get that in the mail!

Matthew Bradford said...

LOVE, love, love, James! Sorry that I'm just now seeing this! Garsh I'm behind.

Do you think that tingly feeling was the "awesome" kicking in? I'm crossing my fingers that it worked!