Friday, January 7, 2011

Intensity phase – HARD tempo–Nailed it!

Starting the intensity phase of the training plan always sends shivers down my spine.  Now, I don’t mind quarter mile repeats (short and sweet) but the half miles are killers.  And the tempos – they are tough - in fact the toughest.  So today when I was walking to the gym I had some self doubts.  I needed to run 6 miles at a 6:30 pace.  That would be 39:00 minutes.


This would be tough for a training run.  I walked out to the trace with Vic.  He would be running his own pace but it is out and back.  He was going to run out for 19 and half minutes and then head back.   The pace was challenging from the beginning.  I wanted to give up at miles 2, 4 and 5.  This was a hard effort.  This was not a comfortably hard effort.  This was not a conversational pace.  This was HARD.  This was tough.  I wanted to stop. 

On the back portion of the out and back it is easier.  My heart rate did not indicate that it was easier but it felt easier.  I could see Vic a mile ahead of me.  I kept him in my sights.  This pushed me.  I would not stop.  I did not catch him but I did achieve my goal.  I finished in 39:07 with an average pace of 6:31 per mile.  I felt better and stronger than I did in last weekends Steam Whistle 12k. 

I am stoked after this run.  Next weeks tempo (Thursday) is 10 @ 6:50.  I can do this. 

I will prove the running calculators wrong (they say I am not fast enough for a sub-3 marathon).


Happy Feet 26.2 said...

tempos are ALWAYS super hard for me. Most of the time, if I push through those early miles, and fight for the pace, it does seem that my body and/or mind, finally adjusts, and it becomes "doable, but still hard."

Caratunk Girl said...

I have no doubt you can get a sub 3h marathon. Tempos are TOUGH. I am stoked for you that you had such an awesome run! Feels great when it all comes together, right?

Papa D said...

I know that this has been a goal for some time. So glad that you are almost there and will succeed.
You know that YOU are the main reason for me setting my goals and continue to work on reaching them.
You are a Super person and I am so proud of you.

Ron said...

With a 1/2 marathon PR of 1:27:30 that spits out a max full time at 3:02? You feel like you can beat the prediction by 3+ minutes? I love it! I am gonna love watching this!

TRI-james said...

Ron - actually, the McMillan Running Calc puts a 1:27:30 (6:41 pace) half marathon at 3:04:32 (7:03 pace) for the full. So that is 4 1/2 minutes. It is going to be tough.

My half PR last year was 1:29:30 and it put me at 3:08:45 for the full. I ran 3:08:44 at Mardi Gras Marathon (my first and only marathon) the next month.

To run a 2:59:59 it says I need a 1:25:20 (6:31 pace) in the half - I don't have that right now.

TRI714 said...

Wow, impressive run time. Im a fan. You had me at "NAILED IT"