Thursday, January 20, 2011

Masters Swim – more like Legends Swim

I woke up prior to the 4:30AM alarm. I manually clicked the coffee pot into existence. I felt strong and excited about the upcoming swim workout. I actually took my time getting ready – I did not have to rush at all.

When I arrived at the natatorium I was surprised to a few new faces. Last semester I think we started with the bare minimum number of participates. By the time we got started for this session the pool was full – there were over 20 people.
It was a proverbial who’s who of the Hattiesburg Triathlon Scene:
Sam (our local Pro)
Chris (right on Sam’s heels)
Raland (lost to the dark side – probably more of a roadie now)
John P (the Legend – 5 IM’s on 5 different continents)
Steve the Postman (he always delivers)
Butch (the roadie that pulled Raland to the dark side)

This would be the first time that I have been in a lap pool since Sydney back in November. I knew that my swim fitness had fallen off but by how much? We would find out today. Coach Steve took the brand new people to one side while the /veterans were left with a workout:
5 x the following:
50 under switch
50 stop at the top
50 wrist drag
100 swim

Then the swimming at pace came:
2 x the following
4 x 50 on 1:10
4 x 50 on 50 (this wouldn’t last – not that fast right now)

And then the 200 yard time trial. Now being in the water for 10+ weeks was showing. I copied the following from my blog three weeks into last semesters Masters Swim –
At lunch I did jump in the pool. I did a warm up and cool down but in between I did 5 x 200 yards at a hard effort. I was trying to see if I was indeed faster than before. I thought back to my first 200 yard time trial – damn I smoked that thing. I remember that Raland was in the next lane and I was trying as hard as I could. Well, I was not able to beat that 2:44 from the very first time trial. I had a couple in the high 2:40’s and all were under 3:00 but I did not beat the initial swim time trial. Fitness wise I would say that I have progressed – I mean I was able to complete 5 efforts at close to my maximum but I did not edge the time lower.
At the first 200 time trial Raland and I were head to head. I finished about 6 seconds in front of him – me 2:44 (I don’t know how I pulled that off) and Raland at 2:50.

Today was another story. Raland has not missed any Masters Swim and has picked up his game – he came in at 2:38 – wow – what an improvement. Me, well, I have some work to do – I finished in 2:58 – 20 seconds behind my new swimming nemesis. It is going to be a fun year.


Matty O said...

I love that you have a lot of buddies to push you. Definitely will make you a better athlete.

I need to branch out and start making nice with the locals again.

Barbie said...

Your swim fitness will be back in no time at all. So glad you enjoyed yourself.

Matthew Bradford said...

Anytime "Masters" ease mentioned there this bubble of anxiety that wells-up in my chest to let me know I am not competitive enough to attend.

Anonymous said...

awesome session..I hope those numbers stay up there for you through these colder months!