Monday, February 14, 2011

2011 Mardi gras Marathon Expo

Frank Shorter started the race.  He said that there would be no excuses today.  There was no wind and the weather was perfect.  He was right – no excuses.

Well, this was a make or break race for me.  Usually I know the pace that I am going to run, I dial it in and I execute.  That was the plan for the 2011 Mardi gras marathon.  I was just not able to execute.  I had been saying for weeks that I would either meet my goal or blow up trying.  Did I set myself up for failure.  Did I give myself an out? 

Obviously, my training has been off for the past 3 weeks.  I have been flirting with injury.  I did not get to the finishing.  In essence I dropped the volume and added the intensity and then dropped both 3 weeks prior to race day.  It is hard to execute a fantasy race with no volume and no intensity.

But let us rewind to the day before.  We went down to the Big Easy on Saturday.  Checked into the hotel and walked to the expo – about a mile away.  The expo was better this year.  The Brooks exhibit was like an old carnival show – sideshows and games and all of the such.  I got to meet Scott Jurek.  What a down to earth super nice guy.  Man is he tall and lean -

Me and Scott

There was a game where you had to toss balls into Brooks shoes.  We won a big stuffed shoe – how cool is that.


Here are a few more pictures of the exhibit -

I also got to meet Dan and Judy from the Biggest Loser (a couple of seasons back) – they both look great.  They were running the half marathon.  I told Dan that I used to be a big guy also.

Dan, me, Jodie (she wanted me to note that she was not that surprised) and Judy.

I have never bought anything at the expo but I did this year.  I bought 2 pairs of running shorts (Frank Shorter brand) and a pair of running shoe insoles.  I did not wear any of there new items on race day.  I was sticking to the plan.

I will get to all of the gruesome details in tomorrows post.


Jennifer said...

Great pictures James, Jodi looks great. And Scott Jurek, woo hoo, I would have loved to talk with him and pick his brain some. Probably better I wasn't there. Looking forward to reading the next post. Cheers!

Papa D said...

You can set your goals low and always meet them.
You can set your goals high and sometimes meet them.

" Only mediocrity can be trusted to be always at its best."

So when is the next chance to meet the high standards ?

Matty O said...

HAHA, you won a stuffed shoe. That rocks.

I love big race expos... nothing is more fun than seeing all the latest gadgets for our sport.

misszippy said...

You are a tease! Glad the day before was a good one and hope the big day was even better!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Some reason I cant see your blog at work, I can read it in the reader, not been able to comment at work for some dumb reason or another, probably something the network doesnt like

So the rare occassion I log on at home, I can comment

I been reading, solid material as always and congrats on the Mary

Matthew Bradford said...

James, only after reading through your races did I realize that you stick to the Gulf-area and that you most likely live close by.

I'm in Houston, so if you make it this way I'd love to meet-up!

Hope all is well with your week!