Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Back in the Pool!

So after a fairly big weekend on the legs – wait, back up.  Saturday I ran 10.5.  Sunday I rode 25 hard miles on the trainer, did a 6 mile brick that was progressively faster (started 7:30 and finished at 6:40 for an average pace of 7:05) and then got another 30 miles with the group ride!

Did I mention that I am starting to feel more like myself?  I’m not 100% but I am getting there.

Although the legs felt fine on Monday I have decided to give them a rest after the weekend.  However, I did skip Masters Swim again.  I tried swimming last week and I made it about 500 yards.  The swim was slow and painful.

Well, it has been three full weeks since the bike crash.  I’m a broken record here but I do say if you are injured – 3 days will save you 3 weeks and 3 weeks will save you 3 months.

Well, I took my three weeks off and got back in the pool.  I made a deal with myself that I was not going to push it at all and that I was going to jump out after only 2 laps if I felt pain.  But the real plan was to swim 10 x 100 yards on 2 minutes.  Nice and easy.

The shoulder felt fine.  There was zero pain.  There were no worries.  After the first 100 yards I just kept going.  In my head I re-did the set and decided on 4 x 250 to get my 1000 yards.

That turned into 6 x 250 for 1500 yards total.  It was not fast but it was pain free!

After the swim I went upstairs to do some abdominal work.  With the shoulder and the back hurting my core workouts have been absent.  I did about 15 minutes of crunches, side crunches and planks.  The obliques on the side my back is sore were way out of touch.  They started to burn instantly.  I have lost a lot in my core.  Time to start building that back.  Oh, how I have missed the TRX – but that will have to wait for a least another week!

I feel like I am getting back on track!

Here is a video of my good friend Dan from Orleans Park Rehab taping my arm.  The tape did provide some support the past few days.  It might have giving me some confidence getting back into the pool.  Thanks Dan!


KC (my 140 point 6 mile journey) said...

good to see that you were able to get back into the pool without any pain. watched the video of the shoulder taping and that was pretty cool to see how it actually creates the right amount of support. Does it feel weird to swim with the tape?

Matty O said...

Glad you are back on the mend!!!

I have gotten taped up a lot from wrestling and running through school. What I have found is that taping a person is an art. I can't tape myself, I always mess it up or don't get the right angles.

Have you left the tape on since then? Is that bad to do??

Tri-James said...

The tape give a little bit of tension and support. It actually feels good. I ws told that it can be left on for a couple of days. It is not tight and consticting.

Unknown said...

Happy to hear you were able to get back in the pool and the only pain was from the workout (-:

Still got some pain in my left should too. When i swim moderate it doesn't hurt but when doing intervals on like 1:30s it starts to ache some - getting better though!

Ransick said...

You didn't wear the tape in the pool, correct? I had some stitches a few weeks back and the totally water proof bandage lasted 2 laps.