Thursday, March 31, 2011

Boston Marathon-Waves

From this article: 

Third Wave Added To Boston Marathon Start

HOPKINTON, Mass. – The Boston Athletic Association (B.A.A.) will employ a third wave for the start of the 2011 Boston Marathon, creating a more efficient and improved running experience for participants in the 115th edition of the world’s oldest, most prestigious and historic annual marathon. This year’s race will be held on Monday, April 18: Patriots’ Day in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Working in cooperation with the Town of Hopkinton and the Hopkinton Marathon Committee, the B.A.A. will institute three waves of mass participatory starters. Each wave will include approximately 9,000 official entrants, and each wave will be identified by its background bib color in a coordinated, patriotic color scheme: Wave One (red bibs), Wave Two (white bibs) and Wave Three (blue bibs).

The three-wave start will not increase the field size of the 2011 Boston Marathon.

The start times for the 2011 Boston Marathon are as follows:

Category / start time / # of entrants / bib color

Mobility Impaired participants / 9:00am / 6

Wheelchair Division / 9:17am / 30

Handcycles / 9:22am / 24

Professional Women / 9:32am / 50

Professional Men and Wave One / 10:00am / 9,000 / Red

Wave Two / 10:20am / 9,000 / White

Wave Three / 10:40am / 9,000 / Blue


Are you running Boston?  What wave?  Are you getting excited?


KC (my 140 point 6 mile journey) said...

The last time I did Boston in
2008, i was in wave 2 and had to jump over the barrier b/c the race was about to start and almost impossible to get in. Maybe having 3 waves will help that. Thanks for posting your bib#. I will be following you while at work.

misszippy said...

I think the three waves are a good thing. Even though I'm not going, I did have to look up my number...wouldn't have been a 12,000, so front of wave two.

Kim said...

im in wave 3. hope that means i can catch up to some people!

Barbie said...

If I lived closer and did those sort of distances I would give Boston a go.

Kurt @ Becoming An Ironman said...

You're the second blogger I know now that's running Boston this year.

Mel @ Tall Mom on the Run is the other that I know.