Tuesday, April 12, 2011

How to Boston by Runner’s World

Here a few links I ran across while ‘researching’ the Boston Marathon:

Boston FAQ’s

Run Smart, Run Fast in Boston



Girls of Wellesley – slide show

Oh yeah, and my friend Christy from the MS HEAT tri clinic told me to make special note of the train tracks (trolley tracks).  Apparently she didn’t and took a fall.  Watch out for the tracks!

Weather forecast for Boston for Patriot’s day:

LOW – 42 / HIGH 52 Partly Cloudy (20% chance of rain)


Have you ever been to Boston (marathon or not)?  What are the MUST SEE attractions?


Kim said...

you want super touristy must sees? fanieul hall. north end. take a duck tour. boston common.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I didnt know about the Wellesley Girls, kinda, secretly want to qualify now, ok you can stop laughing at me, we both know it wont happen

Anonymous said...

Haha I have heard about the girls and I tried to see them but I couldn't last year! It's a great race, you'll have so much fun and you'll kick butt!

Kurt @ Becoming An Ironman said...

You'll love the Wellsley Tunnel!! haha

I went to Boston University for undergrad. I've never liked "touristy" places, but I'd suggest the Boston Commons (very nice area I loved to go read in; straight ahead past the end of the marathon), Fanieul Hall is nice when it's busy, Cheers if you were a fan of the tv show, Newbury Street for shops (a friend saw Steven Tyler shopping down that street; the marathon ends one street over from Newbury), the area around the Red Line's Harvard stop, and definitely a walk along the Charles River.

Nelly said...

Boston is awesome – you will have a blast!
I went there a long time ago in 2002 (we were there a week or so), my favorite things I did were:

Fenway Park – Boston Red Sox game (favorite ballpark I’ve ever been to)

USS Constitution boat

Cheers bar (either the actual original Cheers bar or the replica one)

Harvard University

Cambridge – just a ton of college students around, a fun vibe

Cape Cod – if you have time to check it out, it was great to check it out

Faneuil Hall – it is very touristy, but there are a ton of bars, and street performers

Italian food in North Beach – amazing italian food (and I even heard someone say “fget about it!” it was like straight out of a movie! haha

Kim said...

oh i forgot about harvard square - burdicks chocolate there has the best hot chocolate - and little chocolates made into mice or penguins - we send them to my grandma every year. delicious. and mr. bartleys burger cottage - amazing. yum.

stay away from cheers, so so terrible!

hope to see you at some point!