Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Race sticker removal

I have a friendly cycling TT in the morning – 5:45AM to be exact.  So while I was in the process of pumping up and putting my race wheels on my race bike I noticed that my race helmet still had a race sticker on it.

I know that this sticker is primarily for the photographers.  But, I always follow all of the rules during a race.  If the race packet says put the sticker on the helmet, well, I put the sticker on the helmet.  I don’t want no infraction.

However, the stickers always go on easier than they come off.  The sticker on my race helmet had been there for about 9 months.

I picked at the sticker for a little while and then ran to the garage.

horrible looking and not aero I’m sure

I returned with my trusty bottle of Goo Gone.  I bought this bottle years ago when I need to remove a pesky sticker from a piece of acrylic.  I did not want to scratch the surface and the Goo Gone worked like a charm.  I have been using it ever since.

I sprayed a paper towel a few times and then dabbed the sticker.  I let it sit for a few minutes.

your soaking in it

I wish I could say that the goo gone infused sticker just rubbed right off.  I had to use my finger nails but in about a minute the helmet was looking like new.  Actually better than new – it was shinny like no bodies business.

brand spanking new

The amazing thing is that I have had this bottle of Goo Gone for at least two years.  I have used this on my helmets and my bikes.  I know people that use Goo Gone to polish their bikes.  They come out greasy free and sparkling!  I have damped a rag and cleaned the bikes up and even taken it to the car to remove bugs and what not.  But look at how long a bottle will last – that is the amazing part.

Full bottle after 2 years

Do you see that line above the label.  I have used like 13 Nano liters of the stuff.  This bottle should last me, at the rate, forever!!


Kurt @ Becoming An Ironman said...

They should really sell smaller containers of that stuff!

Karen said...

Very clever ... WD-40 works as well for all your sticker removal needs. :)

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Goo Gone also works on bikes for that deep grime that the degreaser wont get off

Keith said...

It works really well on the tough labels on wine bottles. I would have been afraid to use it on my Tri gear for fear of ruining the finish. I'm told the oil from peanut butter works well too.

Jennifer said...

It gets crayon off of walls, too!

RockStarTri said...

I have to try goo gone. I've had a lot of success with armour all wipes.

Matty O said...

HAHA! Yes I had a bottle of this, we are currently out though. My wife is a cleaning fanatic and uses that stuff all the time.

I need to clean off our helmets, thanks for the reminder :)

Lindsay said...

I have needed to get this stuff... I just scratch off as much as I can and never get around to removing the rest. (3 yrs later and there are still remnants of a price sticker on my bike...)