Thursday, July 7, 2011

Jillian at the Wellness Center

After the hill repeats I went to the Wellness center with my father.  Since the beginning of the year he has quit smoking, started exercising and writing a blog …

His routine consists of a mile or two warm up on the treadmill at a brisk walk.  Brisk is really brisk meaning 3.5 to 4.5 MPH with bursts up to 5.5 MPH – all at an incline of 1.5.  That is a fast walk.

Next up is THE WALL which is 30 minutes of circuit training.  Today the emphasis was on the abs.  There were several Swiss balls and mats on the floor.  Legs and upper body were thrown in for good measure.  At the end of THE WALL the instructor ask the athletes to tell him how there abs feel on Friday.  I am guess SORE would be the answer.

Immediately following THE WALL was the meat of the session.  This was the body pump class.  The room was packed with about 20 people.  I used the guise of having a race on Saturday so that I would not have to participate.  This is true and I did not want to be sore the rest of the week.  But I also did not want to be shown up by the class.

When it comes to trainers and instructors there are two kinds.  To use Biggest Loser as a reference, there are Bob’s and Jillian’s.

The Body Pump instructor was diffidently a Jillian.  While the class was going on I was doing my own strength training which consisted of some abs, upper body and just a little bit of legs.

But, I could hear the class going on.  The music was pumping loud.  The instructor was louder.  I could hear her over the music.  She was barking orders, correcting form and getting the best from the athletes.  She was putting them to task.  I will refer to her as the taskmaster although I think many in the class have other more interesting name for her.


This is Body Pump

Body Pump is a serious class.  It is an hour of cardio aerobic with weights.  At the university I have seen classes like this but they do not have the same intensity.  I was thinking that the students would shy away from an instructor like the taskmaster.  The athletes at the Wellness center would average out to be at least twice the age of the college students but they are tough.  Most of the kids at the university would melt.

There were no excuses here.  You did what the taskmaster said.  And the class was packed.

Later my dad and I were sitting around the kitchen table and chatting.  We talked about what a great year he was having.  That he had strength and endurance like never before.  He is feeling great. 

Why is such a hard class full at the Wellness center?  Because it works.


Tri4Success said...

Quite certain that class would kick my butt. I'd have to find a race for each weekend as an out.

And tell your dad that's not a "brisk walk", that's a jog! Heck, that pace is running to a lot of people.

Jennifer said...

Congrats to your Dad! Most people half his age never accomplish what he has. (Most people can't even imagine doing never, never mind actually getting it done...)

heidi said...

Your Dad has done awesome! He has talked about your blog before but it wasnt until one of my class participants gave me your website and told me that I needed to read your July 7th entry that I read it. I love it! I guess maybe I should take this as a complement. Not sure : )


Jillian the taskmaster!

Tri-James said...

Heidi - Of course it was a compliment. The room was packed with strong fit people. You were doing your job (getting these athletes strong, fit and motivated) and doing it well.