Monday, July 4, 2011

More TT bricks!

A good portion of the B-team showed up at the house at 6AM on this Independence Day.  We were going to repeat the session from Saturday.  This would be riding the time trial course at a good effort (somewhat less than all out) and then running a 1 mile brick.  We would repeat this twice.

The Time Trial course is an 11.8 mile out and back route.  I just happen to live 1/8 of a mile from the start.  This makes my house an ideal transition area. 


The time trial swim start at the Sunfish

Since this would be the last time on the bike until the Sunfish next weekend I mounted up the race wheels.  This would be my last bike work session and my shake down session as well.

On Saturday when we did this workout I rode the first TT too fast.  It felt okay and I ran fast.  But during the second bout I was almost 90 seconds slower.  I still was able to run fast but I was shot.  Today, I did some better pacing and kept my heart rate in check.  My heart rate was capped at about 5 beats per minute less than Saturday’s effort.  The bike and the run were both slightly slower but they were much more consistent.  All in all today’s session was more valuable than Saturdays. 

I am travelling to Texas this week to visit with my father and my sister.  My sister and her kids are in the country for a few weeks from Australia.  A 6 hour drive to Texas is significantly easier than the last time I visited with my sister.  We should have a good time.

While there I thought it might be fun to get a bike fit from one of the premier aero specialists in the country.  John Cobb from Tour de France and wind tunnel fame lives about 30 minutes from my Dad’s house.  I sent him an email.  Unfortunately, he is not doing personal bike fits at this time and is travelling quite a bit.  I am not sure what his involvement is with the professional bike racing anymore but I am sure that he is watching the Tour – somewhere anyway.

The Sunfish is the first triathlon that I ever participated in – 2007.  It was on my 35th birthday.  I have been back ever since.  We will have a good group from Hattiesburg again this year.  Most of the B-team will be there.  I should get a good taper being away this week.  I will keep up the run.  My dad has a nice hill right next to his house.  This will be good for running hill repeats!

The venue for the race changed in 2008 so I am only post results for the past 3 years:

2008 SWIM 10:52 T1 1:17 BIKE 47:41 T2 1:02 RUN 22:26 - 1:23:18
2009 SWIM 08:40 T1 0:57 BIKE 45:20 T2 1:03 RUN 21:15 - 1:17:13
2010 SWIM 10:39 T1 2:00 BIKE 46:32 T2 0:56 RUN 21:38 - 1:20:42


Ransick said...

Good luck at Sunfish next weekend! Have fun visiting with family too.

Patrick Mahoney said...

good luck with the race and have a good time in Texas. Getting a bike fit from John Cobb is like the equivalent of getting to somehow jam on guitars with John Lennon.

Tri4Success said...

Good luck at Sunfish!

I always forget Cobb is out in Tyler. That's just over an hour from me.

Heidi Austin, PT, DPT said...

good luck! i thought about doing that race but i think im still recovering from my burn out... have fun :)

Living The Tri Life said...

Good workouts! I should have been there... but I'm a slacker!

Johnny Cobb is so awesome, wish you could have gotten in to see him!!

Be safe - see you at Sunfish!!