Friday, July 29, 2011

Video Bike analysis–take 1

You know I have been playing with a video camera for the past few weeks.  Well, I set up my bike trainer in the garage and took the following video.  I have done a dozen + sprints, several Olympic, 2 70.3’s and a full ironman on this bike in this basic configuration.  Boy I look cramped.  Any criticism is welcome.

The software that I used to annotate the video is Kinovea – free and open source (which fits me great since I am a Linux administrator by day).


TRI714 said...

1st - your upper body position looks near flawless. Great extension forward and a comfortable, yet flat back.
I think your saddle is a little forward. In full aero position the nose of your seat is visible by allot. You don't really looked cramped, but you have no real room to move back any further. It would be near impossibel to get any lower up front without feeling like a slinky. I also still feel like you can raise your seat just a littel bit too. Your bottom catch leg extension is again almost maxed out, but with your seat moved all the way forward like it is, I don't think you can do one without the other.
p.s. I'm no expert. I don't claim to be. But I do ride allot and am a huge student of cycling in all facets.

Ransick said...

cool video! Being a newb to this tri stuff I have no useful input on your fit, sry.

it's all about pace said...

the orange jersey is soooo... 2008... =;-) otherwise your setup looks really good.... hard to say too much more w/o a way to measure power vs aero