Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Specialized - you tri–we fly

I’m not going to Kona (but I know someone who is  - more on that later) but I thought this was a very innovative marketing campaign from Specialized Bicycle.  Basically, if you qualified for Kona on a Specialized bike, they will ship your bike for free.


You've been planning for this day for months - even years. Early mornings, skipping dessert, working harder than you ever thought you could. This year, Specialized wants to reward the commitment of Kona qualifiers who race our bikes by taking care of some of the logistics. As part of our huge AREA 140.6 celebration, we will fly your Specialized race bike to the event for FREE. Qualifying Kona participants need to register by clicking the link below to receive a prepaid FedEx shipping tag - it's one less thing to worry about so you can concentrate on racing. We call it our You Tri, We Fly celebration - 'cause it's Kona - you should be thinking about the race - not getting your stuff there.

I’m not necessary in the market for a new bike right now but loyalty programs like this get my attention.  I think they make a great product and have definitely moved up on my wish list.


misszippy said...

I think that's a great program and one other companies should adopt!

Years ago, when the whole baggage ordeal was much simpler, my husband and I used to give the curb check-in guys a $20 and they would check our bikes through w/o charge. Those were the days!

Anonymous said...

That is really a cool thing. I ride a Specialized, but not so sure I'll ever qualify for Kona :( I hear Frontier is one airline that will check a bike for the same cost as a bag... that is pretty cool too!

Ransick said...

That is a really cool promotion. Pretty cheap for them too considering they probably won't end up shipping more than a couple hundred bikes.

Lindsay said...

This would've reason enough for me to buy specialized... If I ever had a hope of kona-qualifying :)