Friday, September 9, 2011

After the storm–cool weather

Last weekend Tropical Storm Lee sat over our area and drowned my cycling plans. I did get two solid shoe soaked running sessions logged into the books. I also helped out at the annual Labor Your Legs 5K. There was a bit of bicycle wrench work as well. I have the Big Dam Bridge Century Ride a little later this month and I do not need a mechanical.

After the storm, cooler, dryer weather moved into the area. We have not seen lows in the 50’s since; I am guessing, April or May. Even better, the highs have only been in the mid 80’s. The reprieve from the sauna has been welcomed.

With this beautiful weather I have skipped the pool all week. I can’t watch the line while it is so nice outside. In the early morning darkness I am still riding the trainer but at lunch I have been on the trace.

On Tuesday I was successful with a nice 6 mile tempo run at just under 7 minutes per mile. This should not have been such a big deal – that is not my super quick pace but I have not seen many tempos at this pace all summer – just too damn hot. With the cooler weather I also decided to jump on the STADIUMS. It has been months. I got to “The Rock” a little late and did not get the full 20 repeats but 15 was a heck of a start. While not easy I did find the challenge of the STADIUMS and the cooler mid 80’s almost pleasant. I’m ready for more. Bring it on.

This week I also jumped on the treadmill for some half mile repeats. I feel like a kid again with new equipment. I can just dial in the pace and hold on. I was able to complete 6 x 800 at a challenging pace.

I have also started back with the chin ups. This is my favorite strength exercise. I have not been able to do them for months because of pain in my shoulder from a bike crash back in February. I am pumped to be able to start building that strength back.


Not me.

Chin ups were always a goal of mine. I remember when I could not do a single rep. I worked at this for months and months – thankfully, chin ups are easier if you gain strength or you lose weight. Getting better in both of these let me have success. This week after the 800 repeats I camped on the pull up bar. I did 3 reps every 30 seconds for 10 minutes. Three reps may not seem like much but by the time I was in the 40’s it got difficult. I pushed through and completed the 60 reps. I am starting to get back on my way.


Ransick said...

The cool weather is great. Nice job on the chin ups! 60 is very impressive. I don't think I could do more than 1 or 2.