Monday, September 12, 2011

Hummingbird Frenzy

We have a couple of feeders at the house.  This time of year the humming birds are fierce.  They are feeding like crazy right now so that they can develop a little fat pad.  They will use this energy store to help them survive the flight across the gulf.  I was siting outside while taking this video.  They did not seem to mind.  These guys are fearless right now!


Lindsay said...

maybe i should take up migrating as an excuse to have a fat pad :)

Ransick said...

cool video! I like lindsay's comment, I'm getting ready to migrate too :-).

Francine said...

Impressive! They are like bees.
Here we are dealing with those fierce magpies. They have been attacking the kids when biking in the afternoons. Thankfully, the bike helmets protect the head as much from the birds as from bike accidents.