Monday, September 19, 2011

Zen in the art of bicycle maintenance.

I had two full days of riding this weekend (plus a little bit of running). We also were caught in the rain on Sunday. We raced the storm back to Sumrall and we were able to hang out under the shelter for 30 minutes or so while the worst of the storm passed. Good times.

I also was able to perform the following maintenance on the bike this weekend.

1. New cables – check

2. Remove fork and clean bearings, etc. – check

3. Install new chain – check

4. Install new cassette(12 – 27) – check

Riding along this morning in silence knowing I have an extra gear to go to for next weekend’s hilly century – PRICELESS.


That looks like a mountain towards the end.


Lindsay said...

i actually want to read that book. the motorcycle version.

productivity - i'm envious.