Monday, October 24, 2011

House cleaning

My closet has been unbearable for a little while and after my morning run I decided to clean it out. It really was a mess. This is what I pulled out of the closet.  I’m certainly not bragging.  In fact, I am a little embarrassed.


I always think about using old running shoes to mow the lawn. Well, I think I have enough. I was able to discard (Salvation Army) 12 pairs of shoes. That still leaves quite a few pairs in reserve.


Shoes from my first marathon

You can see that a lot of the shoes are identical. In 2009, I bought 4 of the exact same pair of shoes while training for a fall ironman and a spring marathon. I used a magic marker and wrote on the heels of each shoe so that I could match them up. Most of the shoes are shot. They have a ton of miles on them and they are falling apart.


MG2 = Mardi gras 2.  This pair got me to Boston.

MG2 still has a fair amount of mileage left.  The are back in rotation!

What kind of gear do you tend to accumulate?


Happy Feet 26.2 said...

I find this post amusing because while packing for my trip to Maine, I found 3 pair of "new" running shoes,(on chad's side of the closet). This, in addition to, the 3 new pair on my side. This was totally exciting because I can no longer get these. (adidas response 17s - I think they are on 21s now)

Pounds To Miles said...

I love the yellow ones! Our closet is the same way and then they spill over to the shoe rack in the garage. We try to send them to Christian Services but some of them we're just attached to!

Ransick said...

Wow that's a lot of shoes. I keep two active pair, one pair to hang around, then one lawn mowing pair. I'm much slower than you though so all mine are the heavily padded kind.

Lindsay said...

i've gotten rid of some shoes, but i'm a bit lame at getting rid of others -- "sentimental". i definitely keep my first marathon shoes!

Francine said...

I'm pretty sure that's more pairs of shoes than our whole family of 5 has and that includes the school shoes, sports shoes, all those crocs, and work shoes. Wow! you have a lot of shoes, even minus the 12.