Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Mayhem on bicycles

I have to admit that I actually like several of the Allstate Insurance commercials featuring the character Mayhem.  I like the one where he is a sexy jogger girl and the young man drives his car in the ditch.  But someone recently shot me the following from the Mayhem Facebook page www.facebook.com/mayhemhere


It says, “Flies are to flypaper as bicyclists are to _______________.

It was left up for an entire day before the PR department had the good sense to remove it.  There were 5,000 + likes and replies.  Most were describing various parts of their automobiles.

Jim McLaughlin says, “Flies are to flypaper as bicyclists are to the right front fender of my Durango…”

If you have ever been on the road you know how dangerous it can be.  People in cars see you as objects and obstructions.  We slow them down.  We get in their way.

Not a week goes by that someone in the media makes a jab at cyclist.  That imply or outright say that it is okay to run down and kill fellow human beings.  This is nothing new.

If I said we should to do drive by’s at golf courses on Saturday mornings would that be okay?

Why is this acceptable?


Matty O said...

HA! Loved your comparison. Makes sense though, fair is fair.

I actually have issues riding on the roads still. I enjoy doing tours because it is much safer for the cyclists, but there are sooooo many people out there who do not pay attention or make good decisions when trying to pass cyclists that it honestly still scares me.

Lindsay said...

I don't get it either. Is it that inconvenient to move over 3ft? Or slow down for a few minutes?

Austin said...

people just don't like spandex.