Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Decisions, decisions

I am a little hurt right now. That pains me to admit it. That ‘Worst Run Ever; is still haunting me. If you remember, I raced a 5 miler on a Saturday and then did a 22 miler that was supposed to be at 7:30 pace. The prior week I had nailed a 20 miler at 7:2x pace and felt strong at the end. I was firing on all cylinders.

Well, after that ‘Worst Run Ever’ where I felt a lot of pain in my left leg (ITB) I took a complete day off, but just one. I attempted to run an 8 mile tempt the next day. That run was going great until some pain started creeping back into the left leg. I ran 5 miles of the tempo at the correct pace, slowed dramatically and did a run / walk for the last 2.3 miles.

I was hurt. I was disappointed. I was frustrated. Generally, I am a bulletproof runner. I mean I do occasionally get hurt but it is not from training, it is from crashing on the bike or falling on a trail. I accept those cuts, scrapes, bruises and occasional fractures. Those are the price of doing business. But chronic and overtraining injuries, that does not happen to me.

Until now.

Friday I will make a decision whether to pursue the sub-3 marathon or switch gears and concentrate on my half ironman (10 weeks away). If I move to a bike concentration, I should be able to have a run at a PR (sub-5).


Matty O said...

Battled all last year w/ the ITB issues. Go find a good recommended ART doc (from fellow triathletes). In 2 or 3 treatments the issue should be completely gone. You have the base you need, you have 2 weeks to fool around w/ this and still get a good solid tempo week in before the race.

I think you have got this, your long run had you spot on pace man.

Ransick said...

Sorry man. That just sucks. I would give Matty O's advice a shot though. Last chance at not changing plans.

Lindsay said...

Major Bummer. :-/ I've never had ART but maybe it'll help. Thinking of you and hoping you heal soon so you can still chase the sub-3!