Monday, July 30, 2012

TT 2012, new PR!

The first TT of the summer took place last Saturday.  Sure, I have ridden the TT course dozens of times this summer but they have usually been some combination of 30 minute repeats or combined with bricks.  Also, Saturday was the first time that I brought out the race bike.

The race bike has been mothballed since October (the Mighty Magnolia).  My cycling mileage is constant year over year but all mileage has been on the road bike.

Friday night I put my race wheels on the race bike.  The bike had been hung up with no wheels on it at all.  I puffed the tires up on the HED 3’s.  The bike still had the race number on from last year. 

I was not sure if I would be able to maintain an aero position for the TT.  30 minutes and change is a long time in a foreign position.

I had read the emails and set the alarm.  I got up early for the 7:00AM start – I rolled out of bed and down the street at about 6:40AM.  This would give me a few minutes to try the aero position and do a brief warm up.  I thought a few all out efforts (I call them striders in running).  I coasted down the hill and saw Raland, Butch and Matt.  They said I could have a go if I wanted to.  I’m sure I looked confused.

I got the time wrong.  The TT started at 6:30AM.  All of the riders were already on the course.  I stammered and said give me a minute.  I road towards Jackson Station for about 15 seconds and turned around.

I pulled up to the starting line.  I was offered a standing start (they would hold the bike while I was clipped in.  I declined.  I just clipped 1 pedal in and asked them to tell me when to go.  They counted me down and I took off.  I immediately lost a second or two fumbling with clipping in.

I have been riding with a power meter since October of last year.  I race wheels do not have a power tap.  This ride would be like all of my other time trials, by heart rate.

I started hard (but not too hard) and tried to keep everything at a slow boil.  Since I started about 10 minutes after everyone, the trace in my direction was empty.  At the turn around I think I was about 3 miles behind the last rider.  There were no carrots dangling in front of me and no one behind chasing.  I am not saying that would have made a difference, but I can be quite competitive.


This July (2012) compared to last May (2011) – disregard the calories.

I was 11 seconds faster (from 30:32 to 30:21).  This is a new PR for me!  The only think to note is that last year my heart rate average was 176 (MAX 187) and this year it was 172 (MAX 184).  Pretty close but … but I might have a touch more in the tank.  By a touch, I mean I really want 21 seconds!!!

I had planned on riding with the Roadie’s (Butch, Raland, Matt, etc.) after the TT.  I met them at 8AM at Jackson Station.  We went off and a sedate, relatively easy pace.  My legs were aching.  I knew that I would not be able to hang once the pace picked.  I turned tail and tail and decided to ride my own ride.  I rode an easy 25 miles.  Sometimes I actually surprise myself! It was a very good decision! 

Full results can be found at: .

My last years TT report can be found at:


Ransick said...

Congrats on the PR! Made more impressive by not riding that bike for nine months.

Lindsay said...

and you were pretty far behind with the late start so maybe had you had the competition around you'd have gotten those 21+ seconds!