Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Bridge down on Trace

Went for a morning ride with the group. A fast and foggy 20 something mile romp along the Long Leaf Trace. Really need to invest in a stronger light. The fog was so thick that I had to remove my glasses (condensation.) JD and Keith had lights this time, however, their lights were just as under powered as mine. Just pin holes in the dark.

Apparently a truck hit the old railroad bridge over HWY 59 last week. This bridge is the only safe way to cross the HWY by foot or bike. The bridge was barricaded over the weekend and was just re-opened this afternoon. I have had to drive to work the last two days. What a bummer.

OWS in the morning so I will have to drive once again. I think that this will be the most (3 times in 1 week) that I have ever driven. Oh well, it could be worse. What if I had to drive to work everyday?