Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Leaking goggles

Hit the lake again this morning. Started at sunrise and struggled from the very start. There was a slight wind and a little chop on the water. Let Jim head across the lake and I would follow - I'm a little faster than Jim. About 10 feet into the swim my goggles started to fill with water. This was troubling me. I decide to tough it out and treat it like a drill. I stopped and treaded water and adjusted my goggles. Started to swim and they just kept filling up. I did this over and over across the lake. On the other side I stood up, took the goggles off and just looked at them for a minute. Tony had his boat out and I waved to him. I let Jim take off again as I adjusted the goggles again. I pulled the straps tight and pushed the mask onto my face hard. Chasing Jim the goggles just would not stay sealed. So it is at sunrise, it's pretty dark, goggles and half full of water and I have not been wearing my contacts while swimming in the morning. I can see land marks but not with the sloushing of the water in the mask. I thought about just taking the mask off and swimming with eyes wide open.

Finally made it around the lake and finished the loop. My times was off by about 10 minutes (30 %.) I tried it again with the goggles and they now seemed to work fine. Not sure what was different. This was a frustrating but effect drill to file away for the future.

At lunch I decided to run the football stadium stairs. It was not as warm as it has been but the stairs are always challenging. I was feeling a little run down and tired and let Chad and Vic lead the way. Got the spring back in my step and took the lead on the second loop. Finished strong and ran back to the gym to hit the weights. Did chest pretty hard - pretty hard for me anyway.

Group ride in the morning - still no bright light... All the reviews say you really need a HID light but those are $$$. I'm dragging my feet on this purchase.