Friday, September 12, 2008

Washing machine

Went for a swim this morning. The wind was stout and the water was rough. I brought an old pair of swim goggles with me in case the others leaked. Looking at the water I did not even try the leaky pair.

The wind blew me off course a little and I had to be conscience of which side I was breathing. A mouthful of water quickly lets you know which side is correct.

Swam to the other side of the lake and the water was calmed from the tree line. An uneventful swim south until I once again had to traverse the body of the lake. Swimming back to the initial point would be a challenge - straight into the wind. Once again I was forced to breath from my non-dominate side - fearful of the mouth full of agua. I fought the wind and surf. A difficult swim by any standard. On a positive - I was only off of my best time by a couple of minutes - less than 5 percent. This swim will be filed away for another challenge.
Thursday was more of an adventure run. Vic and I explored the ROTC playground. Rope climbs, log runs and walls to scale were the order of the day. I had to check my slight fear of heights while climbing he rope. Lots of hand and arm strength are required, as well as, a good deal of leg strength. A fun way to fill the lunch hour.