Saturday, September 13, 2008

Labor your Legs 5k

I ran the labor your legs 5k this morning. This race had been scheduled for obviously Labor Day buy had to be postponed due to Hurricane Gustav. I was not as prepared for the race as I had wished. I really felt that I had been peaking at the end of August. As a matter of fact, I had finally broken 20 minutes in the 5k. I was off of my game today but still managed an age group win. These only have so much value because they depend on who shows up at the race. I know several people who can whip me easily at this distance. They were not present today. Brad also did well today - 3rd in his age group.

I think my race was off for a number of reasons. As I mentioned I was peaking about a month ago and the race conditions were a little worse today. That could just be my perception but it was hotter and muggier. In addition there was a stiff head wind for much of the race. I also believe that I just did not have the motivation to kick it up and push it out after achieving the sub 20 minute 5k last month. It is time to re-group and plan the next goal. Then I will be able to push a little hard and run a little faster. I've got to set my sights on sub-19. New 5k goal for 2009!


jodie said...

You should be proud of your age group win, it's an achievement regardless of who else was there. You did yourself proud.

Brad Ward said...

woohoo! i got a mention! 'twas a fun race. now... enough with hurricanes and we can look forward to great weather this fall!