Sunday, September 14, 2008

50 Time Trial

Slept in today - I was not able to organize a group swim, bike, run so just did my thing. Jumped on the bike a little before 9AM. Set a good pace for a 50 mile ride. It just so happens that 50 miles is exactly from my house to Bassfield and back.

I took a bottle of water and a diluted bottle of sports drink. I also grabbed some sports drink powder for the return trip. I made good time(2:26 or just over 20 MPH.) This include the one stop (about 4 minutes) to refill the water bottles.

I immediately followed up the ride with a BRICK. I always have visions while on the bike of nailing the run. I think that I'm feeling pretty good and maybe I will run 10 - 12 miles. Try to do my own 1/2 iron dualthlon. This never happens. I even tried to pace myself. I always just try to do a mile and I know that my pace will pick up. After the first mile today I was just out of gas. First mile in 8 minutes (not too fast) and then I walked a minute and ran back to the house. A total of 2 miles in about 17:30. I've had better BRICK sessions - I'll keep working on this!

Prior to the ride I had adjusted my saddle up about 2mm and forward maybe 4mm. I'm still looking for that sweet spot - the spot that was the most comfort and power. Right now I am just guessing. I need to do a better evaluation, maybe put the bike on a trainer with a power meter or some other type of quantitative measure.

Going to try to swim in the morning but there is a chance of thunderstorms.