Monday, September 15, 2008

No go on the swim - bike trainer again

There was a no go on the swim this morning. My training partner, Jim, stayed up a little too late studying (those PhD programs can be hard I guess.)

Last night I put my "new and expensive" seat on my "old" road bike. This seat has just not worked out for me. While it has a huge cut-out I still get some discomfort on my "soft tissue." It also has an interesting beak.

I did not have any real discomfort with this seat on the road bike. I put several hundred miles on this saddle while it was mounted to my TRI bike. With the TRI bike more of my "soft tissue" is exposed to the saddle. With the road bike it is really only my "sit bones."

So, I jumped on the bike trainer for just shy of an hour. I hooked up the "Speed Reader" and zoned out to "Lance Armstrong's War." It is about the 2003 TDF. A good read. The sweat drops are a little nasty though.

Obviously you can't do intervals or anything on the trainer while reading, but for a recovery or low zone 2 I don't think you can beat it.

Jumped off of the trainer and onto the TRI bike to commute to work. Nice easy early morning ride. Looks like rain later today.