Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Racing the Dots

Met up with Vic, Chad, Jim and Richard in the gym. This would be the biggest group for the "Dot Race". However, it was soon evident that Chad was not going to compete and Richard was not even able to make to the starting point. They would jog the distance.

Vic has been on a roll lately and dropping time like nobodies business. I gave him a 1:30 head start. Jim (remember JIM = FAST) talked about what his time would be. My best two weeks ago was a 5:50. Jim wanted to do a 5:30 so I would give him 20 seconds.

I started after Vic. I had planned on pacing myself at about my lactic acid threshold (about 172 BPM). This went out the window immediately. Even this little fun run is a race and so it was on. Heart rate soon climbed to the 190's. The highest that I have ever seen on my heart rate monitor is 195. I would just have to hang on.

At about 2/3 of the way through the mile I could hear Jim's foot steps approaching fast. He came on strong. Vic was still 100 feet in front of me. I tried to hang with Jim - this lasted about 5 strides. I then just tried to limit the distance. I saw Jim fly past Vic and beat him to the finish line by at least 20 feet. I was about 10 feet behind Vic.

I believe that my time was a little slow due to the hard intervals this morning and the fact that once again I had to make a bee line to the trace restroom. Talk about deja vu from this morning!

Ran anther couple of miles with Jim.

Jim: 5:27
James: 6:00 (10 seconds slower)
Vic: 7:24 (4 seconds slower)