Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Stadium Days

No exercise this morning. Was originally supposed to go swimming at Lake Serene with Jim. However, I stayed up late doing the Mystery Beer Tasting. I think that everyone had a really good time.

I woke up later than usual (at about 6AM) and heard my phone beeping. It was a message from Jim stating that we was not able to make the swim. This was a relief. I have not done any swimming in a couple of weeks, much less OWS.

Hit the stadium with Vic and Chad. Vic is having a great week. Chad trailed him most of the way. (Chad is still struggling with the quad.)

I ran the steps out in front of both of them and ran the transitions - no recovery at all! It was a good work out. I doubt I will be sore tomorrow at all - this work out is starting to build strength.

Hit the weights after the stadium. A little shoulders and a lot of abs. The core is also getting stronger.

Special thanks to Julie (Vic's wife) for the awesome banner!