Thursday, November 6, 2008

Give me a break... -

Just a quick update. I have been eating tuna everyday for months. It is a nutritious, inexpensive and portable meal. The pouches of tuna are much better than the cans and I have a supply that should last me (eating twice a day) until the summer of next year. The pouches also have a shelf life of decades.
It is almost the perfect food to have at work. I am the type of person that can get into a routine and eat the same meals day after day after day - forever. It just does not bother me. However, alas, even I can get sick of the same thing and I must take a break. This does not happen often - maybe once or twice every couple of years.
So for the rest of the week I am going to give myself a break and lay off of the tuna. I brought some grilled chicken in for the rest of the week.
Truly a much needed break. I will be back on the routine for next week - promise.