Monday, January 5, 2009

Still not swimming

Last month I read an article about many pools closing due to the need to modify the drains but I did not think that it would effect me - well it does. The pool will be closed for a least another week. I am still thinking about braving the open water swimming. I need to get a temperature reading from the lake and put the wetsuit on and just do it. I am sure the lake is much cooler that the usual 84 degrees of my closed indoor pool. I really have to start getting some time in the water.

Luckily, I always have a back up plan (meaning clothes in my locker at the gym). I did the alpine trail on the treadmill. This is still challenging to me. I only set the hill program for a max speed of 8 MPH with a max incline of 12 for 30 minutes. I did not have my heart rate monitor but it was a good workout. Next was a strength training session of back and abs. Also pretty tough after the holiday break.

Did an hour long cycling session on the trainer after work. The program called for a low cadence. Low for me is 70. I usually spin at right about 100. This was a tough session.

The diet is still in order!