Saturday, January 17, 2009

Still swimming -

I went to the gym today (Saturday) to do an hour run and a light swim (just because it was open and I could). Some how I decided to do the swim first. Because of the holiday on Monday the gym did not open today until 2PM. I got there right when they opened. There was a pool party just getting started but there was one lane marker still in place. I had it mostly to myself - there was a guy rehabing his knee and kind of walking around in the lane. Nice guy, he sucked to the side every time I swam by.

It was recommended that I start wearing my swim jammers again. That the regular trunks were acting like drag shorts and that I did not need the resistance. So I wore the jammers for the first time in months - Still Tight!

I felt fast in the water. I swam 250 yards (5 laps) in 4:00. 48 second average for 50 yards is fast for me. I was not going all out or anything - just kind of swimming. This is encouraging. Everything was clicking good in the water and the water was rough with the pool party. The diving board is near the lane that I was swimming in - there was a chop in the water.

I ended up swimming 4000 yards (80 laps). This is the furthest that I have ever swam in the pool (and I think ever - anywhere). My times are noted below (the first 8:42 set was because of a child in the lane - the second was because I was getting tired):

RI - 30 seconds rest after each set
250 yards - 4:00 (50 yard average 48.0 seconds)
250 yards - 4:06 (50 yard average 49.2 seconds)
500 yards - 8:18 (50 yard average 49.8 seconds)
500 yards - 8:22 (50 yard average 50.2 seconds)
500 yards - 8:23 (50 yard average 50.3 seconds)
500 yards - 8:26 (50 yard average 50.4 seconds)
500 yards - 8:42 (50 yard average 52.2 seconds)
500 yards - 8:29 (50 yard average 50.9 seconds)
500 yards - 8:42 (50 yard average 52.2 seconds)

Unfortunately the run did not go well. I hopped on the treadmill for the hour run and I just was not feeling it. My stomach hurt - from water and hunger. I only ran a mile (low 8 minutes) and called it a session.


Anonymous said...

Almost 2.5 miles, excellent!
It was the jammers, definatly the jammers.
Awesome at keeping the times level.