Thursday, February 19, 2009

Running and swim PB's

Went for an easy 4 mile run at lunch yesterday. A nice recovery run. After work I had another swim class.

Mary thought it would be interesting to do 8 x 100 yards every eight minutes. I thought this did not seem like a very tough workout. When I do running intervals I do not rest nearly as long as that - at most a 1 to 1 ratio.

I had to do each of these sets at full, all out race pace full blown intensity. The very first set I finished in 1:20! A full two seconds faster than my previous best at 1:22. It was hard and I swam a couple of 100's to cool down while waiting for the next set. This one seemed like it took forever. The last length coming back was very difficult. I would have thought that more than 6 minutes rest I would have been completely rested. I clocked in at 1:19 - my fastest ever. I only had Coach Mary for about 50 minutes so I could not get all 8 sets in - thank god but I did complete 6. I progressively got slower. The times are noted below -


Got up early this morning for another 4 mile run. Easy the whole way - conversational pace - I did a measured 5k at 22:55 minutes.

Went bowling at lunch!


Missy said...

Way to go speeedy! 1:19, I'll be you someday!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Nice job, I think 1:26 is my 25 pace.